Essentially after a qualified and competent worker is hired a boss’ job is to motivate and support or help the worker to do the job well and with enthusiasm.


They encourage when reluctance or fear of not being able to do the task is felt,

they maintain an atmosphere of trust so that no worker is overly fearful or dissatisfied with the emotional working environment and feels free to communicate with the boss and say anything that they may feel is relevant,

they are decisive and confident thus giving the worker the courage to do even when the task seems hard and difficult,

they accept occasional worker failure, don’t lose their optimism, and don’t use insults, put downs, name calling, and ridicule to belittle the worker,

they clearly communicate the rules and goals of the company giving confidence, clear guidance and understanding, and a sense of purpose to the worker,

they contribute to the work at hand by participating and working along with the workers at least once in a while to maintain an esprit de corps and don’t just isolate themselves in the office all day,

they are effective listeners and make their workers feel important and respected when they communicate,

the best bosses also have a sense of humor and can tell entertaining stories to perk up workers,

they are thankful or show gratitude so that workers feel that their efforts are appreciated,

they are inspirational and optimistic and give earned praise appropriately thus inspiring workers,

they have an ability to energize their workers when the going gets tough or tedious.

they know how to discipline good workers who are starting to goof off or are no longer doing a good job. This can be done with a threatened firing or pointing out role model workers who are doing the job well or better and thus challenging the wayward worker to do better or get back in shape.


They acknowledge work well done or give credit where credit is due,

they empower or give the tools and direction necessary to do the job and are good coaches,

they are results oriented and are not out to win a popularity contest if it means a job not well done,

they strengthen the workforce by eliminating bad workers who destroy the incentive to do well and function at optimal efficiency.

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