Overworking workers will overstress and overload them causing great dissatisfaction. At the other extreme not giving workers enough work or responsibilities will bore and demotivate them in the workplace and they may start looking for a new job.

An incompetent manager or leader blaming workers for his or her mistakes is a great demotivator.

Trying to box in a worker with ambitions to work his or her way up the corporate ladder or improve him or herself in the workplace is another demotivator.

Constant threats of firing coupled with put downs, name calling, insults, rudeness, humiliation, and ridicule is bad leadership which can really kill morale.

Incompetent leadership in another department which has to interact and operate smoothly with your department can also be a frustrating demotivating force.

A manager or leader not giving credit where credit is due can also demotivate deserving workers.

A manager or leader who shows gross favoritism to a worker, especially if the favoritism is not earned or deserved can be a great demotivator.

A manager or leader who isolates him or herself in the office or gives impossible tasks or unrealistic deadlines to workers and is a bad communicator is a great demotivating force.

A coworker or coworkers who are lazy, backstabbers, or disruptive influences on team morale can also be great demotivator.

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