Trust is the human bond which makes successful close marital and friendship relationships possible. Without trust a good or great relationship is not possible and if one exists then it is highly dysfunctional filled with misery and trauma. Lie once about a rather unimportant thing and the transgression can be forgiven without dire consequences but develop a habit of lying about little things and soon it escalates into lying about important things and disastrous relationship results follow.

That being said deception and lying is escalating in western cultures, fly by night businesses victimize many with their miraculous deceptive promises, politicians tell humans what they want to hear and when they get elected it is business as usual and all their lying promises are forgotten, and humans lie to each other and then wonder why so many hoped for potential new relationships wind up in the toilet.

There are 7 basic excuses or possible reasons for why some humans lie and none of them are justifiable in the long duration.

Young offspring sometimes try to lie to avoid PUNISHMENT for bad or wrong behavior and sometimes adults try to avoid punishing social criticism or disapproval by lying about their unacceptable behavior.

Adults sometimes lie to EXPLOIT others or gain an advantage. Charismatic con artist are often pathological liars good at making humans feel good, good at creating an illusion of high monied status, and good at manipulating the basic greed of gullible humans. Ordinary humans also sometimes try to gain social advantage by exaggerated praise and kissing up to others, especially authority figures from whom they expect future favors.

Escaping ACCOUNTABILITY is a reason some lie to escape taking blame for unfulfilled promises and blame for irresponsible behavior or stupid mistakes.

Criminals lie to try and get away with STEALING something which doesn’t belong to them and students sometimes lie about cheating or STEALING information which they don’t have memorized. Bosses or coworkers sometimes lie trying to STEAL credit for something a worker has accomplished. Some men lie to STEAL sex from women who would not voluntarily give it knowing the truth.

Some humans lie about their fictitious accomplishments trying to “steal” admiration from others or to gain a COMPETIVE ADVANTAGE in a job application.

Some sadly lie to themselves about their real worth and potential trying to make themselves FEEL GOOD while living a rather mundane existence.

Some lie to inflict mental and sometimes physical PAIN. Being called ugly, stupid, being victimized by an untrue bit of gossip, and being told to do something illegal which we are assured is legal are just a few of the cruel ways that some humans lie to us to inflict pain and often cause pleasure in the cruel offender.


Your lying will eventually destroy your social reputation and the only way that liars can make a living at it is to become a gypsy traveling the world looking for new suckers to take your lying bait.

The internet is making it possible to scam the world and do so from one general location so deceitful lying humans are here to stay on into the foreseeable future but hopefully their numbers will decrease and not increase.

What is really needed is a universal accepted secular morality where lying of any kind is considered an immoral transgression. Without that secular morality lying will continue to create chaos and plague humanity on into the distant future.

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