Develop emotional intelligence:

Only about a third of the population is consciously aware of their emotional reactions when they happen or have emotional control and awareness. Those that do understand and can tolerate strong negative emotions in others without aggressively lashing out with defensive anger are also not easily frustrated.

Emotional intelligence is largely learned by much experience or interaction with many diverse humans and it is an ability to read, empathize, and react appropriately with other humans. My educated guess is that having emotionally intelligent parents, coming from a family with many offspring, being a leader of school activities, and socializing much all help in making you more emotionally intelligent at an earlier age since emotional intelligence is largely learned and not an inborn ability.

Develop confidence:

Real confidence originates from competence or a belief that one can handle most situations and human interactions competently. For most average humans competence takes time to learn but high achievers and ambitious humans have a distinct advantage because they are internally motivated or are selfconfident by nature.

Be adaptable:

Recognize that new circumstances or failure may mean doing things a little differently so that old mistakes are not repeated over and over again. Adapting to changing goals, changed circumstances, and changing results is a sign that you have courageously overcome your fear of change and embrace it.

Don’t be afraid to say no:

When you have prior commitments which must be fulfilled one of the worst things that you can do is overburden yourself with new commitments which endanger the old. Avoid saying “I’m not sure”, “I don’t think I can do it”, “I’m not certain”, or “Maybe” because it can be the source for overwork, too much stress, depression, and maybe even job burnout.

Don’t let the fear of mistakes and failure handicap you:

View mistakes and failure as a learning experience and a challenge to not fail the same way a second time. If you think that new useful information, knowledge, or skills are necessary then take time out to acquire them before you attempt some goal again with plan B. Distance yourself emotionally from past failures but don’t forget some of the details which made it into a learning experience, hopefully not to be repeated again the same way.

Revel in your own accomplishments and that of others:

Enjoy and take pride in your accomplishments and don’t depress yourself with a comparison with someone better. Similarly, don’t depressingly point to someone who accomplished more when complimenting another for his or her success.

Don’t hold grudges:

Forgiving without asking for an apology is often the smart thing to do because festering hate or anger is a form of lasting mental victimization which you should want no part of.

Be relentlessly enthusiastic with much optimism:

Don’t let bad current events and bad offensive remarks ruin your optomistic attitude, especially if it is something which you have no personal control over.

Don’t forget to recharge your body:

Try to eat healthy organic food, get enough exercise, and get enough sleep because you can’t function at optimal mental efficiency daily with an unhealthy sleep deprived body.

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