Men are appreciated when they do something for a woman, when they enjoy sharing interactions or experiences with their woman, or when they do something manly.

Doing things for a woman may be

making a date,

arranging a trip,

scheduling a walk,

giving desired, enjoyable, appropriate gifts,

giving an affectionate kiss or caress,

giving compliments for looks, a choice of clothes, or a tasty meal preparation,

doing a household chore like cooking,

empathizing and giving emotional support after a hard day at home or on the job,

doing the woman a favor not ordinarily done,

getting a better job which is giving more financial support, and

fixing something broken around the house.


Sharing parental responsibilities like

teaching reading and math to young offspring,

playing with them,

helping with homework,

going to interesting places like amusement parks, museums, exhibitions, county fairs, concerts, movies, etc.,

sharing household chores,

sex, and

sharing shopping experiences.


Manly things are

enjoying sports,

reading technical books,

pursuing a hobby, and

having interesting male friends.

These are considered manly things but what they really are just things predominantly enjoyed by males in a culture but they are also enjoyed by some women.

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