The essence of great leadership is an ability to set relevant goals, have excellent communication skills, and to be able to motivate or inspire workers to do their best with what they have. That being said here are 14 characteristics of a great leader:

They keep good communications going by encouraging workers to speak to them, asking questions, noting complaints, and creating a safe, secure, approachable atmosphere where workers are not afraid to speak up when they feel it is necessary.

They communicate expectations or set realistic challenges or goals for workers to follow and place the responsibility of performing the details on workers and make them accountable for their work.

They prioritize goals based on an estimate of their urgency, potential impact on profitability of the company if it is a business, and cost of personnel and resources needed to achieve the desired goals.

They estimate the approximate time it will take to achieve the goals and when  members of the staff will start on them.

They have an ongoing thirst for new relevant knowledge, do research, ask relevant questions, and seek counsel from others as needed.

They know how to confidently make relatively quick impulsive decisions based on years of experience and are seldom confronted with lengthy periods of doubt and uncertainty.

They evaluate or assess worker performance and give appropriate privileges and rewards or give credit where credit is due.

They are trustworthy and provide accurate, continuous, motivating, and supportive feedback to workers as they perform their tasks but don’t micro manage them.

They are good at assigning appropriately talented individuals to relevant tasks or know which workers will do a better job at given tasks and allocate and deploy accordingly.

They don’t procrastinate and are good at analyzing problems and assigning appropriate resources and personnel to solve them.

They are competent, energetic, likable, respected, and strong willed with an ability to motivate and inspire workers despite some inevitable failures along the way.

They openly share their knowledge and teach appropriately even mentoring some with leadership potential.

They network with leaders in similar positions and try to form relationships with humans who may not only be able to help them but also help some of their workers in the present and future.

They know that the strategic business plan should always be a satisfied repeat customer which is the only ultimate strategic consideration. The means to that end is making the company more competitive with more and better information, goods, or services and a more efficient organizational structure.

They genuinely enjoy their leadership responsibilities and the work that that entails.

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