Sincere compliments and appropriate praise for looks and opinions makes most women feel good. If you have a good job and are a good conversationalist who knows how to show interest in a woman by asking questions and listening more than speaking about yourself then this is also a good thing to do on a first date. Your strengths and some of your weaknesses will all eventually come out in follow up conversations or dates so being sincerely honest will go a long way towards establishing trust and creating possible strong bonding with the opposite sex or significant other.

If you are handsome and merely trying to deceptively score on an attractive but gullible woman then the rules are different but I won’t reveal them because I am not interested in promoting sleaze bag behavior.

Melanie Curtin is a relatively smart woman and if smarts interest you more than just looks then here are 10 things which you should try to avoid doing since they are turn offs for most smart women.


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