A deal is almost consummated and out of the blue the customer pretends to have cold feet, makes an unreasonable request, requests a last minute discount, and tries to delay finalization of the deal. These could be considered to be unfair tricks trying to squeeze out an even better deal at the last moment.

Some pretend that they are uncertain that it is still not the right time or right cost. This can be countered or reinforced with an argument that the return on investment or ROI makes timely cost effective sense to go ahead with the deal right away and at the estimated cost.

An unreasonable request should be answered with “That’s not going to happen.” followed up with the question “I guess you are not really interested in buying. Is that the case?”

Suggesting a last minute discount should be answered by stating that you don’t play games like your competitors do and your first offer is the best that can be expected.

Trying to delay a deal by a month or so can be combated by stating that the price will probably go up in a month’s time so it is advisable to act promptly.

***Last minute objections are basically countered with an honest statement that this is a business deal and not an auction with the deal going to the lowest bidder. We don’t play bidding games and try our best to give a customer the best deal for the money in a timely way and based on firm business principles considering a good return on investment or ROI.

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