They think outside the box or have a good dose of unconventional or innovative thinking and doing.

They surround themselves with supportive relationships and don’t waste time and energy with toxic or negative humans.

They are resilient in the face of failure and/or rejection.

They are internally motivated, have a vision, and follow it unrelentingly or passion drives them with an authentic belief in what they are doing.

They continue to learn and have learned many useful lessons from mentors and humans that they admire and tend to handle difficult situations similarly.

They have integrity and live by their core values.

They realize that part of what they are doing is swimming against the tide and they derive satisfaction in doing so.

They finish what they start as much as possible.

Fear doesn’t hold them back but are ready to take the necessary calculated risks.

They want their coworkers and followers to succeed too and do a fair share of mentoring.

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