Unless you are a celebrity or the object of some human’s jealousy you will find that most humans don’t really care that much whether you got a new car or promotion. You really shouldn’t let other’s opinions of you guide your behavior, especially if they are lavishing attention on you hoping to get some benefit out of you. We all like to be praised by others but what is most important is how we feel about our situation in life personally and how competent we are in what we are doing.

Family, close friends, and humans in general who really care about you are far more interested in your personality and the quality of the human interaction rather than your accomplishments and possessions.

Arranging your life primarily in the pursuit of money will not make you happy in the long duration because how successfully you spend your time, energy, and money on other humans will really determine your state of happiness in the long duration. Paying attention to the quality of your life experiences and not just a quantity of money is the true source of happiness without any regrets in old age for being too myopically focused on wealth and not having lived a full balanced life.

Avoid debt as much as possible because debt incurred by profligate spending and investing in a job poor largely useless education in young adulthood will become a terrible financial burden for the rest of your adult life. Of course you can declare bankruptcy and live much of your life with a debit card existence.

Learn how to be more persuasive and learn how to acquire emotional intelligence which will be a great advantage when trying to influence other humans. You will learn how to communicate and change other human minds, instill confidence in others, and sooth their fears. This means being a powerful communicator and the potential to become a human leader in any profession if you also have a good memory for names.

Have integrity, be dependable and competent which means being moral and responsible for your own actions and consequences while treating others with as much respect as they deserve and helping those in need where appropriate. Guard your integrity jealously because trust and respect from others is impossible without it.

Prepare for the unexpected or have a plan B in mind if chaos breaks out. An emergency financial savings is the safety net when loss of a job, loss of spouse, or business failure surfaces to cause chaotic turmoil.

In business success means outperforming or being better than your competitors. If you are at the top then competing with yourself or becoming better at what you are doing is the key to remaining at the top.

Selfawareness or knowing yourself and realizing that others view you the same way is a big advantage when interacting and working with others.

Personal biases or personal opinions and beliefs affect the way that you view the world so it is important to understand that any decision which you make will be dependent on them to a large extent. When confronted with failure it is time to reflect and possibly modify or change those opinions and beliefs to ones that will mean success in future attempts at goal achievement.

Accept that the past can’t be changed. Live in the present courageously making plans for a better future yet to come.

Humans and ideas much different than your own are the source for creativity and possible enrichment of your life. You will learn more and potentially grow faster in your understanding of possibilities yet to be achieved.

Travel more or surf the internet visiting other places and cultures. New perspectives on business and life will refresh you and reveal new possibilities to take advantage of.

The truly successful have a passion for what they are doing and do it well so if you haven’t found anything to be passionate about then keep looking or take risks to find out what that might be.

An impulsive reaction influenced by anger or panic can ruin a lifetime of work in a relatively short duration so don’t let your emotions get the best of you when making important decisions.

Holding grudges consumes much time and energy holding on to hatred so try to forgive a stranger or family member if they have not been immoral.

Recognize that there is much that you don’t know. If you find someone more knowledgeable then try to delegate the relevant task. If you are confronted with a discussion where you lack sufficient knowledge then resist the urge to jump in and contribute and being foolish in the process.

If you are competent and believe in yourself the confidence will encourage others to believe what you say.

Everyone has a fear of failing but the successful ones overcome the fearful anxiety and move forward with action and don’t let fear restrain them that often.

It is good to have good role models or heroes whom you are trying to imitate or learn from. Not all the knowledge that you acquire will be useful in a rapidly changing technological era. Some new useful creativity will be your responsibility to discover and apply to new ever changing circumstances.

Avoiding crippling addictive bad habits like gambling, alcohol, drugs, promiscuity, pornography, and impulsive shopping will optimize your ability to function most effectively and efficiently at work and home.

Take care of your health by eating organic and getting enough exercise and sleep. Nothing will short circuit a successful career faster than failing health in your vital years.

Nothing is perfectly predictable and the good guys don’t always win in the real world. This sometimes means being content or grateful for what you have  so far rather than what you hope to have which doesn’t seem to be materializing for you.

Your happy optimistic attitude starts out as a conscious desire which soon becomes a good habit or the happy optimistic attitude unrelentingly repeats itself in your life as you live it.

You need to be honest with yourself and know your weaknesses as well as your strengths. Knowing your weaknesses you can either try to strengthen them with new knowledge and skills or you can hire humans who are not weak in your area to work for you if it is a business.

An opportunity may arise suddenly and it may seem like unexpected luck. Talent, the right useful education, and hard work is essential which qualifies you for an opportunity when it comes along even though sometimes there may be a desire to give up prematurely because no breaks or good fortune seem to be coming your way.

When you become very successful try to give back by supporting truly worthwhile causes such as wilderness conservation and restoration, sustainable research, and basic medical and biological research. You will be promoting the possibility of a better life for future generations.


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