There are family councilors, general councilors, psychologists, and psychiatrists all claiming to have therapist status. There are also occupational, speech, and other specialized therapists who don’t treat relationship problems.

If you have acute insomnia, have frequent wild mood swings, have suicidal thoughts, are chronically depressed, or hear voices in your head then medication and a psychiatrist may be a logical alternative.

If you are depressed, have a dysfunctional family life, have a severe addiction, are stuck in an abusive relationship, or are going through a very traumatic moment in your life then a psychologist or councilor may be your best choice if you feel that you can no longer cope with your life on your own.

Finding a competent and reputable therapist is like looking for a needle in a haystack because most psychiatrists are interested in making money and are prone to offer pill solutions to severe problems which get you addicted and medicated for life with minimum time invested and no cure with many bad side effects.

Most psychologists and councilors are well intentioned but tend to be inexperienced, are steeped in situation ethics, and are too prone to give superficial advice on how to deal with severe emotional stress. Talking seldom solves severe problems which need radical environmental change which means changing a job, getting a divorce, going to rehab, or finding moral healthy friends to replace the bad ones.

Talking alone may result in a human leaving the therapists office in a good mood. But returning to their daily environment has all the trigger mechanisms which reinforce the bad habits which they have and the one hour therapy session can’t compete with a dysfunctional environment which reinforces the bad habits which the patient is burdened with.

Relatively minor relationship problems may be solved by a therapist but severe ones are seldom solved since it requires much money and major behavioral change which few adult humans are capable of because they are financially poor and trapped in their bad habits and bad environment on into the foreseeable future.

If you have integrity, are trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, and empathetic then chances are that you won’t need a therapist. If you don’t have integrity, are untrustworthy, not dependable, not competent, not friendly, and are not empathetic then all the therapy in the world will not cure you or solve your relationship problems. You are a severely handicapped dysfunctional human being that talking therapy will not cure.

If you are a city dweller with severe stress and emotional problems which are out of control and no therapy works on you then consider moving to a farm or farm community and getting in touch with nature and a heavy dose of physical labor. This kind of radical behavior modification may solve most of your severe emotional problems and recondition your mind and body in a healthy way.

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