Nothing is a greater motivator than interesting subject matter presented in a dynamic inspiring way with enough feedback from the student. In a classroom situation with about 30 students each functioning at different ability levels it is impossible for one teacher to fully teach all 30 successfully. Quality audio visual interactive individualized computer instruction is the ideal one on one learning experience and all real teachers fall short of this standard of excellence.

In a classroom situation there are many potential handicaps which must be dealt with in certain ways. Any distraction must be removed and that may include a disruptive student. Moving a student to a different seat in the classroom away from a pal may sometimes work. Standing next to a student who isn’t paying attention is an intimidation technique used successfully by some teachers.

Embarrassing a student who isn’t paying attention by asking him to repeat what was said is another approach. A teacher may ask a student to assist her in doing something to get involvement from a student. A desperate attempt at involving a student may be to ask them to present a lesson to the class in the near future. Putting a student on the spot and asking her the embarrassing question “Why are you not paying attention?” is a risky procedure because an honest student may simply say “You are boring!” or “I don’t understand!”

A change of pace or a break may be necessary during which a film is shown, a game is played, or a problem is solved. If pure lecturing is boring the teacher may send students on field trips, have them do research, have them work in smaller groups on something, or have students illustrate a lesson with drawings or diagrams.

All the above are rather bad tricks of the classroom teaching trade all designed to compensate somewhat for the ideal one teacher one student teaching ratio. Classroom teaching is only appropriate in elementary school to some extent because moral behavior between students must be taught. Beyond elementary school classroom teaching and especially lecture hall teaching is highly inefficient and should soon hit the dustbin of teaching history!!!

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