Selfesteem or a sense of selfworth is really a balancing act between two extremes. At one extreme too much selfesteem can translate into a very narcissistic selfish human who ignores others too much and at the other extreme too little selfesteem can translate into a very depressed, lonely, unhappy human with a sense of great inferiority.

Society values attractive, well educated, professional, and wealthy humans with good families if they chose to have them. Society also values celebrities and if you evaluate your selfesteem based on celebrity performance then you will always feel wanting more out of your life.

If you are unattractive, badly educated, have a bad job or no job, and have a dysfunctional family life then chances are that you will not have a healthy balance of selfesteem.

Useful education or an ability to selfeducate yourself as an adult is the primary path to better selfesteem. Learning new useful knowledge and skills for a better job or better relationships is the only real way to improve yourself to the point where you begin to feel good about yourself and your life and start having justified healthy selfesteem.

If you come from a dysfunctional family then unfortunately you will have a hard time developing healthy selfesteem because chances are great that your relationships with others will also be highly dysfunctional.

How does an adult improve their personality if it has many flaws originating in a bad childhood? Some are fortunate and with dogged determination and making connections with moral healthy optimistic adults or good role models gradually work their way out of personality handicaps. Most are handicapped for life and just try to make the best of what they took from society and what they were given by the role models whom they associated with.

If you are an adult struggling with low selfesteem then you can try to do something about it by researching personality traits and pinpointing your weaknesses and strengths or bad and good habits. Then gradually work at improving your weaknesses or bad habits and get rid of your bad role model friends. Start replacing them with better role model friends once you get your own personality in better shape so you will be more readily accepted by these better role model friends.

A good life is having useful abilities and associating with good humans so start acquiring those useful abilities as soon as possible and start improving your life so your selfesteem will improve with it!!!

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