Dishonesty, untrustworthiness, and absence of respect are all problems arising out of an absence of integrity or the existence of immorality (lying, stealing, deception, and cheating) on the part of the leader or employee. If a human does not have integrity then you should minimize contact with them as much as possible. Trust or integrity is the bond which makes good relationships possible so if you don’t have the bond then the relationship if any will be dysfunctional.

Boredom and mediocrity often exist together and humans with either trait should be avoided as much as possible because they are stagnating and not making any progress towards selfimprovement and a better life.

Negative or pessimistic and toxic or severely flawed humans mean much trouble and they just create toxic environments to be living under so avoid them or get rid of them as much as possible.

Unhealthy food, drink, relationships, and habits should be excluded or avoided as much as possible, especially if you want improvement in yourself and others.

Undependable, incompetent, and unorganized humans should also be avoided or excluded as much as possible because they will introduce too much chaos in your life.

Angry humans and those filled with regrets should also be avoided or excluded as much as possible unless you want to live with confrontational aggressive drama humans and those who live too much in the past and don’t have useful plans for the future.

Remember that you can’t control humans who are out of control and there are many other things over which you have no control over. So learn to ignore, avoid, or exclude what you can’t control as much as possible.

Learn the basic fact that some humans and circumstances should simply not be tolerated and proceed courageously to avoid or exclude them from your business or life.


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