If you have a stressful job then you are limited in the ways that you can reduce the bad stress unless you find a better one.


Celebrate small successes with tasty food and/or drink with a minimum of sugar.

Stop thinking about past mistakes or failures as being overly important because they will probably be unimportant a month or year from now.

Do many similar small tasks all at once.

Divide a large task into smaller steps.

Be more selective in your information intake so you don’t drown in it.

Take 5 or 10 minute breaks during work and do non work related things.

Don’t procrastinate at a task because you will be stressed when you start running out of time.

Don’t work evenings and weekends except in emergencies.

Find or selfeducate yourself for a less stressful job.


Almost everywhere else the key to reducing stress is to take time out and do things which are not that stressful or they are things which you enjoy or could enjoy doing.

Here is a relatively comprehensive list of minimally stressful activities which you can start doing to considerably reduce the overall stress in your life:

Read an informative article, newspaper, blog, or book.

Look at soothing internet pictures of inspiring wildlife, landscapes, flowers, trees, etc.

Go to a comic cartoon website like gocomics.com and look at funny or inspiring cartoons which you prefer.

Surf the internet.

Write about something which doesn’t cause anxiety such as happy moments, a topic which interests you and can be researched, or even start a personal blog devoted to stuff which you really like.

Get involved in a hobby or hobbies that interest you.

Listen to your favorite music.

Watch movies that you like.

Meditate, breathe deeply, and think about something other than work.


Take a walk preferably outdoors.

Take a shower or bath.

Get a massage.

Get plenty of sleep.

Eat or drink something tasty without much sugar.

Email someone.

Have sex.

Stop arguing over politics, sports, religion, or beliefs which you can’t change.

Call a friend for a chat.

Volunteer and join a club or organization if you find the time.

Spend some time chatting or doing something with your offspring if you have any.



The key to reducing stress is really just to find humans and activities which are not too stressful or cause you too much of the wrong kind of anxiety. If you can’t find humans who don’t cause you bad anxiety then learn to reduce stress on your own by doing many pleasurable things that make you personally happy and don’t lead to financial hardship.

Good friends are nice to have but bad ones with many personal problems or severe addictions should be avoided like a contagious disease. It is better to go it alone than to get mired in stressful relationships with dysfunctional humans.

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