Helping others, giving to charity, or volunteering reinforce our moral values and actually chemically makes us feel better. Giving to charity is a transient good feeling but volunteering and interacting with humans and giving something of yourself usually increases your sense of selfworth and makes you feel good about the kindness which you are demonstrating. Gratitude on the part of the receiver is also appreciated and makes us feel good about an overall positive interaction.

Volunteering can not only boost your selfesteem but it can also boost your friendliness quotient and improve your bonding potential with others. Volunteering can be a rewarding experience, it can boost your mood, give you a sense of purpose, lower stress, and give you a sense of belonging to the community. Volunteering also can increase your sense of gratitude for what you have and will provide guidelines for how you can help yourself in times of need.

Most important is helping others by mentoring them to succeed in life. Whether you are mentoring offspring or an adult to follow in your footsteps and then exceed you, you are creating the leaders of tomorrow and this will give you great satisfaction latter in life. The bonding which happens during mentoring can lead to lifelong friendships which will definitely increase your happiness quotient.

Finally kindness is often contagious and often reciprocated by moral humans whom you are being kind to. Being able to help a friend in need with advice or other kinds of emotional or physical support will make you happier in many cases and your friend may reciprocate the favor at some point in the future. Even though the personal benefits of volunteering or helping acquaintances and strangers may not be as rewarding as helping a friend it can be rewarding none the less.

There are sociopaths, selfish individuals, and miserly types who help others only if they feel that they will get more back at some point in the future. Most moral individuals have been taught that helping others or being kind is a good thing and they help others because they feel it is the righteous thing to do and they feel good doing it most of the time. Interaction with moral humans is what makes happiness possible so don’t be overly disappointed or unhappy if not everyone appreciates your kind helping attitude because not everyone is moral.


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