There is a big difference in a charismatic likable leader who inspires and motivates followers and a very likable human who is admired and respected and has much useful personal knowledge and skills which are shared by many personal friends. A charismatic leader has an excellent memory for names and personal events with high emotional intelligence and is good at leading many talented and not so talented individuals towards useful goals which are broadly defined as a commonly held vision. A charismatic leader is good at rallying the abilities of diverse individuals towards common goals and may not be that complex an individual him or herself and may not have a large repertoire of useful, interesting personal knowledge and skills.

A human who is very likable by definition has to be very complex and interesting with much useful knowledge and skills to not wind up boring and repulsing his or her friends. A very likable human is a good and interesting conversationalist about many topics whereas a charismatic leader may be limited in the number of topics which can be discussed or talked about in an interesting way. That being said there are many characteristics which can make a leader or an above average human very likable and it applies to many humans in a general way.

To become more or very likable here are some 24 characteristics which will help you become more admired and respected:

Have integrity.

Integrity means being moral and honest and without it trusting human relationships or bonds are not realistically possible and results in failed relationships.

Be honest.

Few individuals want to be lied to and deceived overtly which ruins most relationships in the long duration.

Be sincere.

Sincerity is really considerate honesty without being overly harsh or critical of mistakes and personality flaws of individuals whom you are communicating with.

Be trustworthy.

Having integrity and being dependable and competent make you trustworthy as well as doing your best to fulfill promises which you make.

Be dependable.

Being on time, doing what you promise to do, and being competent at what you do in a responsible manner is what being dependable really means.

Be competent.

Having comprehensive useful knowledge, displaying expertise in skills which you have in a responsible manner, and dependability is the essence of competence.

Be helpful:

Sharing your useful knowledge and skills with other humans and offering assistance or support in time of need is what being helpful is all about.

Be friendly.

To have a friend you must be a friend and that means being helpful, being empathetic, and sharing the joys and sorrows of common interests and experiences together.

Be empathetic.

Caring what another is thinking, feeling, and doing and sharing another’s emotional reactions is what empathy is all about.

Be confident.

Being confident is having an optimistic attitude about the relevance of the useful knowledge and skills which you have with a heavy dose of selfesteem which does not border on selfish egomania and arrogance.

Be optimistic.

You can get humans to empathize with your pessimism but you will get much more attention with an optimistic, can do, positive attitude.

Be open minded.

Likable humans tolerate differences of opinion, beliefs, and behavior as long as they are not immoral.

Listen more than you speak.

Humans like to feel important and if you listen to what they have to say and only interrupt if the conversation is getting boring or too trivial then you will be more liked.

Admit to imperfections.

Likable humans admit to making mistakes and reveal some of their weaknesses proving that no one is a perfect robot being right all the time. They sometimes laugh at their failings so that others laugh with them and not at them.

Compliment and praise for earned rewards.

Likable humans give credit where credit is earned or due and appropriately and judiciously compliment or praise humans for good looks, good behavior, and worthwhile accomplishments.

Keep some things confidential.

Likable humans keep some secrets or don’t express them openly, especially controversial opinions, beliefs, and thoughts about controversial subjects such as religion, politics, and sports.

Don’t insult.

Unless it is meant to be a joke no one likes to be insulted.

Don’t ridicule.

Most humans do not like to be ridiculed or made fun of.

Don’t name call.

Being called stupid, crazy, loser, bastard, bitch, nigger, homo, scum bag, etc. is still offensive to most caring individuals with integrity.

Don’t put down.

Being humiliated or harshly criticized for making mistakes, bad behavior, or being unattractive will offend many.

Don’t act selfimportant.

Likable humans aren’t pretentious and brag about themselves and don’t interrupt conversations to talk mostly about their own personal achievements. A little humility is what is necessary.

Don’t be arrogant.

Arrogant humans without a healthy dose of humility and a superiority complex instead may occasionally wield much power but are not very likable.

Don’t procrastinate.

Few likable humans do things at the last moment, are lazy, or expect others to do their work or responsibility for them.

Don’t offend by personal appearance or smell.

Likable humans often dress appropriately for the occasion and maintain an acceptable level of human hygiene.

Don’t have severe bad addictions.

While some charismatic or very likable humans struggle with severe drug addictions most do not have severe bad addictions to gambling, drugs, alcohol, pornography, promiscuity, overeating, and overspending.

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