The purpose of nature is to survive and reproduce sustainably and for humans the one extra dimension is to survive in a moral sustainable way which does not necessarily mean that reproduction is mandatory for all humans. Spirituality is highly over rated because it merely means a strong emotional commitment or devotion to a good moral sustainable existence.

Yes, your purpose in life may be to lead an immoral hedonistic lifestyle and try to get as much physical pleasure out of life as possible while it lasts but historically these life purposes have led to short lifespans with much misery, depression, and failed human relationships along the way.

Your true purpose in life should be to lead a life of integrity worthy of respect and admiration which means being honest, sincere, and moral in your human interactions and moral in your interactions with wilderness or plant and animal life.

Classical or religious morality is outdated and must be updated. In the transitional phase to a secular worldwide morality governments must provide transitional religious liberty laws which permit the peaceful coexistence of both in this world.

What is this new updated secular morality which should be taught in all secular elementary government schools to young impressionable minds so that they don’t drown in moral confusion always asking themselves is what I am doing right or wrong? Adults should mostly impulsively be able to distinguish between right and wrong once they are about 13 years of age and relativistic situation ethics is simply not the right solution to the increasing moral chaos in the western world.

The new updated secular worldwide morality should be- except in emergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder!!!!!!


We are all born different with different appearances and different ability potential based on our genetic inheritance and it is something which each individual must struggle with as they go through an educational system and interact with other human beings.

Dominant individuals exist in all societies and there are basically the leaders and the led and you may have to be satisfied in being mostly led if you are not leadership potential with emotional intelligence and a fairly good memory for names and events.

Everyone except the severely handicapped and those coming from dysfunctional families are capable of a good moral existence if they have been indoctrinated with a believable secular morality at home and in school. If you have integrity and are leading a good moral existence then you can have plenty of selfesteem even if you are unemployed and destitute on government assistance or welfare. No matter what your financial situation, if you are morally sound then you deserve to feel like a worthwhile citizen of the world and can be called a good human.


For healthy survival you need good nutrition, adequate exercise, and enough sleep to function doing anything in this world.

Eating and drinking as much sustainable organic food and drink as possible is of primary importance for long duration sustained health. If you lead an overly sedentary lifestyle then a little extra exercise is vital since you are not getting enough on the job.

Finally enough sleep is mandatory so that your body can recover from daily stresses in your life. Taking drug sleep aids leads to disastrous long duration problems with insomnia so if you are not getting enough sleep naturally then you should seriously consider changing something in your overstressed or over worked lifestyle.


Money is theoretically the same thing as energy and we all know that for humans to survive they need life giving energy to survive and do things. Stored energy or money is symbolically a savings account and energy or money in use creates the motion of humans and objects.

Nothing in life, except for the sun’s energy, is really free in the true sense of the word because even if you are doing trivial things or being nice to humans you are really using up the energy stored in your body to do body work. The source of human energy should be healthy sustainable food and we all know that food costs money unless you are eating from dumpsters and getting it theoretically for free.

The economic system with programmed inflation or a hidden tax and credit cards do not encourage historical thriftiness of saving for emergencies and spending money conservatively by sticking to a budget. One of the biggest financial mistakes is that humans live from paycheck to paycheck and never learn to budget their money wisely by saving some and spending the rest on needs rather than impulsive wants which mislead us from responsible financial behavior.

Financial success is not only a good job or investment but an ability to budget your money wisely.


Humans with good relationships have integrity, are trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, empathetic, and don’t have many bad habits. If you truly want to improve your relationships with other humans then learn what these words mean and improve your personality step by step until you are more moral, trustworthy, dependable, competent, friendly, empathetic, and reduce the number of your bad habits.

If you are hoping to attract the opposite sex then good looks, a good job, good communication skills, and a good personality accompanied by moral behavior will optimize your chances of finding a good mate.


Robots and computer software will eventually replace or severely reduce the amount of human labor necessary so technological skills will be in high demand for some relatively elite workers. This means that the governmental system will eventually have to provide welfare for most of the population which will either be unemployed for a lifetime or will only work at one job for a relatively short duration after which they will either have to retrain for available jobs or live on welfare for the rest of their lives.

Lifetime jobs for relatively unskilled workers will be a thing of the past and unless you put in the time and effort necessary to retrain then a lifetime of welfare dependency will be highly probable.


If future trends continue then playing or doing nonproductive work will be what preoccupies most humans for a lifetime and doing nonproductive work will not be the stress relief or entertainment in or between jobs.


Ideally we would all like to live in a healthy environment which includes being surrounded by a good human environment. Getting a good human environment is finding a good moral significant other or spouse to associate with and/or a close friend or two and some casual friendships. On the job having good moral coworkers is a preferred circumstance.

Our biggest concern should be a minimally polluted sustainable environment and global conservation of wilderness which will be the safety net for a healthy food source once technology has too radically and irresponsibly transformed domesticated food to one unfit for human consumption. An organic sustainable food supply for the world is the ultimate goal and if we fail at this then our only savior will be the wilderness safety net at some future generation.


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