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Admirable: adj. sensing respect and attraction and sensing a relatively large intensity pleasure because of (good and/or moral behavior) and/or professional excellence



Affectionate: adj. sensing medium intensity pleasure for a subset(s) which you care about and the behavior(s) which exists with it



Aggressive: adj. pursuing a goal(s) forcefully and/or threateningly which may include (body contact and/or violence) and/or a ((verbal threat(s) and/or verbal attack(s)) and/or physical attack(s))



Agonized/Agonizead: adj. very intensely worrying for a relatively short duration



Amused/Amusead: adj. mildly entertaining




Angry: adj. very intensely sensing transient displeasure which is frequently a less intense form of hatred and caused by a failure to achieve a goal(s) and/or caused by (overt and/or covert aggression)



Anguished/Anguishad: adj. sensing very intense suffering for duration



Annoyed: adj. sensing small intensity anger and/or disliking frequently due to a repetitive and/or interfering subset(s) which tends to alter and/or delay an immediate personal goal(s)



Anxious: adj. sensing low to medium intensity fear resulting from the anticipation of a (realistic and/or fantasized dangerous event(s))) and/or (threatening event(s) and/or bad circumstance(s)) which may be accompanied by the uncertainty of not knowing (what to do and/or what will exist) good and/or bad



Apathetic: adj. sensing and/or showing minimal motivation



Apologetic /Apologad: adj. regretfully sensing and communicating the acknowledgement of a mistake(s) and/or bad behavior(s) which frequently injures someone and/or hurts someone’s feelings and/or sense of selfworth



Apprehensive: adj. sensing anxiety about a future bad subset(s)




Arrogant: adj. an excessive and frequently offensive (sensing of and behaving with) superiority and/or behaving disrespectfully




Astonished/Astonishmed: adj. very intensely impressed and surprised




Attentive: adj. focusing and interacting bodily and/or mentally on some subset(s) to the relative exclusion of other subsets


Attracted/Attractad: adj. sensing a desire (to approach and/or to spend time with) and/or (to participate with, and/or to focus physically and/or mentally upon a subset(s)) and/or sensing a desire (for pleasure and/or to do a subset(s))



Awesome: n. sensing very intense respect with fear and/or wonder from a subset(s)



Boastful: adj. sensing and communicating excessive selfimportance and/or pride


Blissful: adj. sensing serene joy for duration


Bored/Borad: adj. sensing decreased interesteven and decreased mental activity which is frequently caused by (using too much time with a subset(s) and/or doing too much repetition of a subset(s)) and/or spending too much time with a uninteresting subset(s) and/or what we are doing is no longer a rewarding experience

(replace interesteven with human interest and it means the same thing)



Cautious:  adj. doing something with conscientious forethought trying to (predict danger and mistakes and/or avoid danger and mistakes) and/or trying to avoid external subset(s) which may change one’s immediate goal(s) and sometimes future goal(s) and/or avoidance of risky behavior(s)



Cocky: adj. conceited and frequently with excessive confidence and assertiveness



Cold/Coldad: adj. sensing minimal emotion in most circumstances



Compassionate: adj. sensing sympathy for a lifeform(s) and wanting to and helping in some manner



Conceited/Conceitad: adj. sensing and frequently showing excessive personal pride


Concentrating/Concentratead: adj. focusing mentally



Concerned/Concernad: adj. being attracted to a subset(s) caused by sensed (caring and/or interesteven) and/or (importance and/or empathy) and/or (suffering of and/or affectation) for samer subset(s)

(replace interesteven with human interest and it means the same thing)



Confident: adj. sensing freedom from most doubt when trying to achieve a subset(s) and this frequently exists with a large belief in oneself and in one’s abilities



Covetous: adj. intensely desiring to possess a subset(s) and sometimes enviously




Craved/Cravead: adj. very intensely desiring



Curious: adj. sensing a desire to acquire new knowledge and/or experiences



Desired/Desiread: n. mentally sensing a need to achieve a goal(s) and frequently making that future achievement more probable and it originates in the survival instinct




Despairing/Despairad: adj. sensing complete hopelessness due primarily to very bad circumstances



Determined/Determinead: adj. sensing very intense persistence and perseverance



Disappointed/Disappointad: adj. sensing low to medium intensity badness after failing to achieve your (needs and/or hopes) and/or (desires and/or expectations) and/or goal(s)



Disapproving/Disapprovad: adj. judging a subset(s) to be bad and/or wrong and sometimes this can be judging a good and/or righta subset(s) to be bad and/or wrong           (righta is the adjective form of right)



Disbelieving/Disbelievead: adj. personally sensing and judging that something is not true with a very large degree of probability which may be a 100% probability



Disgusted/Disgustad: adj. sensing extreme displeasure at a very bad and/or very socially deviant action(s)



Disliked/Dislikead: adj. sensing low intensity displeasure for a subset(s)



Distasteful: adj. sensing dislike with one or more senses especially for food and/or drink



Eager: adj. an intense desire for a subset(s) and an intense desire to do what is essential to achieve and/or get samer subset(s) and it is frequently for a relatively short duration



Ecstatic: adj. sensing maximally intense pleasure which may or may not be injurious to the brain


Embarrassed/ Embarrassad: adj. sensing low intensity shame for a noncriminal subset(s)



Empathic: adj. sharing a sensation(s) with concern and meanmaking for the bad and/or good circumstance(s) and/or event(s) with another and sometimes offering helpful advice and/or caring

Meanmake: v. to communicate relatively accurately making a personal subjective and/or objective correspondence(s)



Enraged/Enragead: adj. making a lifeform(s) sense rage

You can enrage someone but when someone enrages you, then you are just in a rage or raging.


Envious: adj. desiring another’s (possessions and/or characteristics) and/or (luck and/or circumstances) without sensing angry resentment


Exasperated /Exasperatead: adj. sensing extreme annoyance and some anger and especially when there is minimal and/or no control over the annoyance


Exhausted/Exhaustad: adj. sensing almost total depletion of energy and desire



Fearful: adj. sensing very intense bad sensations which are sometimes caused by (very little security and/or a threat by a large imminent danger) and/or caused when in much potentially deadly pain




Frantic: adj. sensing very intense urgent upsetting emotion(s) and the corresponding behavior(s)



Frightened/Frightenad: adj. creating low intensity fear in a human(s)


Frustrated/Frustratead: adj. frequently attempting to reach a goal(s) and not doing so within an acceptable standard(s) and/or norm(s) and sensing failure


Grieving/Grievous: adj. sensing intense mental displeasure and/or unhappiness from the loss of a loved subset(s) which is frequently most intense when it is due to the death of a family member and sometimes exists with crying


Guilty: adj. sensing and deserving punishment for doing a (bad and/or immoral) and/or illegal subset(s) for which one may not be punished unless seen and caught by a witness(s) and/or a legal authority(s)


Happy: adj. sensing pleasure but less intense pleasure than joy and ecstasy



Hateful: adj. sensing very intensely which one senses when one wants to destroy a (bad and/or wrong) subset(s) which may be morally (bad and/or wrong) and/or may be (bad and/or wrong) because it is the primary reason why one can’t achieve a desired goal(s) and/ or (bad and/or wrong) because it is a source of intense mental displeasure and/or bodily pain




Hopeless: adj. sensing that a personally desired goal(s) and/or an event(s) is probably impossible to achieve



Horrified/Horrifyad: adj. sensing very intense fear for duration



Hurt/Hurtad: adj. causing bodily and/or mental pain


Hysterical: adj. sensing frenzied/frenzyad extreme emotion



Impatient: adj. eager anxiety for a subset(s) to end existence and/or begin existence



Indifferent: adj. sensing minimal caring and empathy and involvement



Infatuated/Infatuatead: adj. sensing short duration frequent lovin for a subset(s) with mostly unreasoning impulse



Innocent: adj. sensing absence of guilt and/or knowledge about a criminal and/or sexual subset(s)


Interested/Interestevad: adj. sensing an exciting subset(s) which can maintain attention and/or curiosity frequently because samer subset(s) is (new and/or strange) and/or (pleasant and/or deviant)



Intransigent: adj. stubbornly refusing to change views and/or to compromise



Jealous: adj. envying with angry resentment



Joyful: adj. sensing much pleasure but less intense pleasure than ecstasy and more intense pleasure than happiness



Laughing/Laughad: adj. sensing pleasure with repetitive inhalations and exhalations of air and it is frequently accompanied by identifiable body movements, especially face movements




Likable: adj. sensing low intensity pleasure for a subset(s) and the behaviors which exist with the sensing of samer subset(s)



Lonely: adj. sensing frequently caused by a loss and/or an absence of companionship and/or friendship and a desire for companionship and/or friendship



Loving: adj. sensing any intense pleasure from a subset(s) one cares about and the behavior(s) which exist with it and frequently desiring to (possess and/or interact with) and/or experience samer subset(s) for a short and/or long duration



Meditative/Meditativead: adj. thinking without anxiety and/or emotion



Mischievous: adj. sensing a desire to cause and causing trouble in a playful manner


Miserable: adj. sensing intense unpleasantness and (enduring a very bad circumstance(s) and/or enduring a very bad mental subset(s)) and/or experiencing enduring intense pain(s)


Obstinate: adj. stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion and/or course of action despite attempts at persuasion to do so


Optimistic: adj. believing that a goal(s) will be achieved with a relatively large degree of probability and a general belief that good events will be more frequent than the bad events in living



Painful: adj. a bad intense mental sensation which originates from an injured body subset(s) and the behaviors which exist with it




Panicked/Panicad: adj. sensing uncontrollable fear and/or very intense anxiety and behaving irrationally with (physical aggression and/or stampeding) and/or random movement



Paranoid: adj. extreme irrational fear of a subset(s)



Rage: n. very intense anger which frequently includes a violent behavior(s)



Regretful: adj. sensing a wrong reaction which may be doing something bad and/or wrong and/or not doing a subset(s) which should have been done and wishing one had the power to change the wrong reaction


Relieved/Relievead: adj. sensing the reduction and/or elimination of (pain and/or misery) and/or (discomfort and/or anxiety) and/or (need and/or fear) and/or (tediousness and/or a usually bad emotional subset(s))


Sad: adj. sensing a small intensity mental displeasure frequently because of the loss and/or departure of a subset(s)


Satisfied: adj. sensing pleasure when (fulfilling and/or achieving) a goal(s) and/or desire(s)


Shocked/Shockad: adj. causing a speedy increase in electrical activity and that includes the brain



Smart: adj. behaving with above average logical reasoning skills and successfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems and/or having emotional intelligence



Stupid: adj. behaving with incomplete logical reasoning skills and unsuccessfully applying them to solve political and social and economic and scientific problems



Surprised/Surprisead: adj. suddenly sensing what is frequently caused by an unexpected and/or very infrequent event(s) which is usually not strange


Suspicious: adj. judging intuitively with little evidence that a subset(s) is a probable cause of an event(s) in the past and/or the future


Sympathetic: adj. empathy with a lifeform(s)’s misfortune(s)



Terrified/Terrifyad: adj. fearing so extremely that one is frequently physically stopped and unable to move


Thoughtful/Thinkad: adj. silently and mentally verbalizing and trying to make correspondences between the subsets of one’s own knowledge and/or experiences and using as much logic as possible



Thrilled/Thrillad: adj. sensing short duration very intense excitement and/or pleasure




Worried/Worryad: adj. being excessively (concerned and anxious and uncertain) and wasting thinking time with a (real and/or imagined) (future and/or present)

(danger(s) and/or event(s)) and/or subset(s)

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4000 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

For a complete readily accessible list of blogs and titles go to twitter.com/uldissprogis.


If you enjoyed this blog then here is a list of my most popular ones which you may also enjoy!!!