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If success eludes you then maybe you have 5 or more of the following 22 characteristics which you should try to exclude from your personality.

You have a sense of entitlement or that others owe you.

You try to get all the credit for the achievement of others if they work for you.

You fail to network properly and don’t build strong relationships.

You overindulge in popular media and trivial pursuits and are easily distracted.

You fear change.

You don’t like to be different or greatly stand out from the crowd.

You talk too much and aren’t a good listener.

You like to talk about humans, especially the bad things about them.

You horde information and data and seldom properly organize it.

You get angry too often.

You criticize too often.

You hold grudges.

You make too many excuses for personal failure.

You lack persistence.

You often blame humans for their failures.

You think you know it all, lack humility, and don’t think you need to improve yourself in any way.

You don’t believe in getting useful feedback from others.

You secretly hope others will fail.

You lack empathy or don’t know or don’t care to know what others want to be or do.

You seldom if ever set goals for yourself or make plans.

You often try to motivate humans with threats or demands and don’t know how to effectively motivate humans or you have little emotional intelligence.

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