Not only do humans now have the power to modify biological organisms but they can actually invent new lifeforms with unique properties which can be passed on from one generation to the next. In the future not only will humans be able to modify themselves but will be able to create new human lifeforms.

There are many ethical questions which arise. Who will control this creation process and who will be responsible for the potential bad side effects of these efforts. Is it even possible that these new creations will lead to the extinction of humans as we have known them?

GMO’s in our food will alter the DNA of future human offspring and can we reverse the potential bad side effects of this consumption if it leads to long duration ill health and death?

Greed for money is frequently the primary driving force behind creating food which grows quickly, grows large, needs the least amount of food or fertilizer, has a longer shelf life, and is resistant to pests and disease and even unnatural chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. Pollinating bees are not pests and they are being killed by the millions.

Should we let greed be the primary motivator for the creation of future genetic species and let big for profit corporations control our genetic destiny?

Humans will control the evolution on this planet in a Godlike creative fashion and that is a very scary thought given the horrific history of the human race.

Who will control bio engineering, what are the objectives or goals going to be, where will this experimentation take place, and how will tests be conducted before these lifeforms are released into the world at large? These are all serious political and scientific questions and we had better start thinking and talking about possible answers to these serious questions.

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