Don’t destroy biodiversity:  

Conserve and gradually expand wilderness areas and try to maintain preserves for regional wildlife. Minimize toxic pollution, promote sustainability, and promote organic food diversity locally and internationally.       

Don’t lie:  

Define and give examples of libel. Itemize punishments for private lying and deception such as exclusion from a profession, organization, or friendship. Emphasize that one big lie or many smaller lies and deceptions can ruin the hard earned reputation of individuals and organizations almost overnight when the public becomes aware of them.

Honesty or not lying and deceiving is the basic reason bonding occurs between humans who can then begin to trust one another and live in relative peace and security. Dishonest leaders and dishonest organizations are also not trusted by the public and their reputation is also often very bad.

Don’t be inefficient:

Promote sustainable manufacturing with an emphasis on recycling of garbage and waste.

Promote the use of computer software and robots to do time consuming repetitive tasks in government, business, and at home.

Give examples of inefficient human behavior and the bad potential consequences from human extremes such as too much talking, too much irresponsible spending, too much useless education, too much entertainment, too much arguing, too much drinking and eating, too much greed or selfishness, too many bad addictive behaviors, too much lust, too much sex, too much fear, too much pride, too much risk taking, too much envy, etc. etc.

Do research and studies to determine what are the best ways to optimize human communications and get the most done with the least amount of energy expenditure or effort.

Of course competence is a primary component of efficiency so attempts should be made in the educational system to graduate competent humans with useful skills, useful knowledge, and useful social behavior.

Don’t steal:

Define steal and promote its first basic understanding to young impressionable minds as the theft of personal information and the theft of the possessions of individuals and organizations.

There are five justifiable conditions under which humans and/or the government can steal and this can be presented to moral teenage offspring and moral adults. Taxation to protect the citizenry from immoral citizens and immoral nations is a primary justification with a secondary justifiable emphasis on the controversial taxation for the general welfare or infrastructure and a social welfare safety net for the unemployed and also destitute. 

Don’t commit adultery if married:

A healthy financially responsible moral family unit is the foundation of any social and national success. Next to

. money, adultery is the second most likely reason why divorce occurs and ruins good role models for offspring who themselves may choose to propagate at some point in the future and be burdened by the same parental dysfunctional relationship problems. 

Don’t murder:

Define the murder of humans and take into consideration the fact that an accident may result in death and that murder can be justified in personal and national and/or international selfdefense.

A personal reason for murder is as a criminal threatening to use violent force on you with a deadly weapon such as a firearm. In national and/or international selfdefense proven terrorists or verified true members of declared terrorist groups can be terminated in their country of origin or at a minimum temporarily arrested in a foreign country to determine whether they have been framed unjustly.

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