Read up on the actual words of Sharia law by searching and finding them on the internet. 

As you can see some of the fundamental beliefs and practices of Sharia law run counter to the Constitution of the United States and some of our human rights. No freedom of a moral press and no equal rights for women are probably the two major areas which can simply not be reconciled with the laws of the United States and it’s Constitution.

If Muslims are willing to obey our laws and operate within the framework of our Constitution then they can be accepted as immigrants and eventual citizens of the United States. An oath of allegiance to the Constitution and its laws is mandatory for any true citizenship acceptance.

True, our Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion but the reality is that if communities practicing Sharia law are permitted then it will be essentially planting a Muslim seed which will seek to expand it’s territory with foreign money and have a Muslim police force which will ensure Sharia law is put into practice.

Do we really want this kind of a cancerous growth to be permitted within the confines of this nation? If we acquiesce to a dogmatic religion ruling over more and more United States territory then we are in effect nullifying the power of our immigration policy with it’s policy of equal opportunity for all law abiding citizens from whatever nation they come from!!!

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