Emergence theory is an attempt at merging general relativity physics with quantum physics and assumes that everything in the universe is information guided by a collective or individual conscience. The idea is that an 8 dimensional geometrical crystal is the fundamental building block of the universe from which 4 dimensions and 3 dimensional space can be derived.

Time as we know it is reduced to a very small amount with no unidirectional flow as we know it.

The theory is a little hard to swallow based on everyday experience but it may form a unified theory of everything which by proper tweeting will give desired verified experimental results.

8 dimensions or additional mathematical storage space is needed to define and store all the subatomic particle information and what the theory really is is compacting all the information that we know about subatomic particles and general relativity into one large storage space which can be manipulated at will to give physically observed results.

I like to think of the theory as a largely illogical yet mathematically precise theory which will yield desired mathematical results but does not make much common sense, especially with the assumption of a Godlike collective conscious will making it function or move.

It is really a “magical theory” with seemingly no singularities due to no division by zero time and no infinite numbers or infinity appearing in the numerator or the denominator. It is a bounded theory with boundary limits for time and space which runs counter to human intuition and common sense about the universe actually being infinite with time originating at minus infinity and ending in plus infinity.

It is a geometrical theory about what the universe is which does not define what a collective conscience is and is really an attempt at giving human’s Godlike qualities of free will and creation out of nothing since determinism has been taken out of the discussion or is not a factor which is assumed to exist.

What the theory does prove is that theoretical physics is no longer common sense or logical thinking but an excursion into a fantasy world of mathematics with little to say about our three dimensional time dependent world.

***If all this sounds too confusing then think of the emergence theory as just a huge mathematical library of information which can be accessed to explain all the physical experimental results we have made. The consciousness part is really picking what information you want and using it. The theory does not really explain things understandably or logically but is an attempt to merge the information about the very very small with the very very big.

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