Listen without interrupting unless you are getting bored or are listening to trivia or random purposeless speaking.

Speak without blaming or accusing as much as possible.

Give your time and energy generously to those that have earned it or deserve it.

Answer without arguing by discussing calmly.

Interact sincerely and honestly without being pretentious.

Keep your complaints to a minimum and only when absolutely necessary.

Trust and respect family members and close friends until they show that they don’t deserve to be trusted or respected.

Often forgive offspring unconditionally without punishing but forgive conditionally or with punishment for immoral or dangerous behavior.

Promise without forgetting to fulfill your obligation.

Try not to make important decisions when very angry but wait for the anger to subside before deciding.

Be kind and respectful with strangers and new acquaintances but take plenty of time to interact and get to know them very well before you begin to trust them with important matters and sensitive or unfavorable personal information.

Be a source for inspiration by motivating others with encouragement and controlled praise for doing good and do so especially in times of need when things are not going so well.



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