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Michael Schneider summarized the 6 key attributes in Effective Bosses and I am commenting on his article based on his observations. While the attributes are considered valuable in managers it is not that easy to instill some of them if the managers don’t have them in the first place. Some attributes are only possible with an abundance of the right prior experiences and indoctrination at a relatively early age since changing an adult’s behavior is many times harder than it is to change a youth’s behavior. This is especially true when it comes to the question of evaluating emotional intelligence.

  1. A growth mindset and emphasis on values is of primary importance for a growing and developing organization.

A growth mindset is really also having values and it means a manager who is interested in optimistically achieving growth in a changing environment by increasing his useful knowledge, skills, and competency in general with new learning.

You can list over 50 core values which manager should have but the most important values are integrity or basic morality and honesty; trustworthiness which is also a function of integrity, dependability, and competence; reputation and respect which results from integrity and trustworthiness; team spirit which comes from a leader with empathy, cooperative effort, and emotional intelligence; and a bottom line attitude which takes into consideration the cost and timeline for materials and personnel which determines how efficient the management actually is in planning and implementing work to be done.

How you instill these values in a manager who doesn’t have them in the first place is mission improbable but managers who have good values should be mentoring others who fall short in some value departments.

  1. Instilling emotional intelligence (EI) in an introverted programmer is almost impossible because emotional intelligence is an acquired skill which comes from years of exposure to all kinds of personality types starting from many siblings in childhood to relatively many social friendships in and out of school. There are things a lacking individual can do to increase personal emotional intelligence and you can further investigate the topic by referring to these two useful articles. Emotional intelligence THE TEN COMMANDMENTS OF EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE


  1. Manager transition principles is trying to instill in new managers the importance of honesty and being open and vulnerable. Managers are encouraged to communicate their transition and other problems to others and not be afraid to share their experiences and ask for advice from others on how to handle certain important situations and strategies.


  1. Coaching

“Through Project Oxygen, it was revealed that the number one quality of effective managers is being a good coach. Google defines good coaching as:

Timely and specific feedback

Delivering hard feedback in a motivational and thoughtful way

Tailoring approaches to meet individual communication styles in regular one-on-one meetings

Practicing empathetic “active” listening and being fully present

Being cognizant of your own mindset and that of the employee

Asking open-ended questions to discover an employee’s acumen”

In coaching as a skill the first two points are techniques for optimizing the effectiveness of feedback and the last 4 are applying emotional intelligence principles.

  1. Feedback  The key to good feedback is asking relevant questions which can be specific or open ended, really listening to the answers, and asking follow up questions if necessary. All of this should be done in a timely way. Motivating can also be a part of feedback where encouragement and sometimes praise is part of the feedback process. Advice or suggestions can also appropriately be given during the feedback process if the task is running into unforeseen problems. The Truth About Feedback.
  2. Decision Making

“To ensure judgments aren’t made in a vacuum, Google has established a routine to help managers make better decisions. This framework includes asking and articulating:

What are you solving for, and is everyone on the same page? (Identify and communicate the root cause.)

Why is it important? (Does it support other business goals?)

Who is the decision maker?

How will the decision be made?

When can people expect a decision? (Keep stakeholders in the loop, and manage expectations.)”

Communicate what the decision is with a reason, why the decision has to be made or why it is necessary and how it supports other business goals, how the decision will be made and by whom, and when the decision will be made. It is basically answering who, what, where, when, and how will a decision be made? A very important omission is how much the decision itself will cost and how much cost will result from making the decision. These are potential planning and implementation costs.

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The theoretical big 5 personality traits are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness.

Trust is supposedly a subset of agreeableness but it isn’t because if you have a tendency to not trust someone then your neuroticism will increase, your openness will decrease, you will become less of an extrovert, and have a less agreeable attitude. About the only personality ”trait” which will remain relatively unaffected will be your conscientiousness. A tendency to trust others or be suspicious of humans is a far more important behavior attitude and behavior and trustworthiness can be considered to be a relatively independent and very important personality trait.

If you have a friendly helping attitude and behavior towards others and are empathetic, caring, kind, affectionate, and altruistic then it is not a subset of agreeableness only. You will tend to be more extroverted, less neurotic, more open, and more agreeable. So empathy, caring, kindness, affection, and altruism are not subsets of agreeableness. They are however a subset of conformity to accepted social norms for friendly helping behavior. Agreeableness is not a unique personality trait but merely a tendency to conform or a subset of conformity to accepted social norms.

Neuroticism is just a manifestation of neurosis which is basically too much anxiety with avoidance behaviors. Sadness, mood swings, and emotional instability are not common to all neurotics since healthy individuals also experience sadness and mood swings in various degrees. You don’t have to be sad or moody and be emotionally unstable. Neuroticism is not a personality “trait” but rather a dysfunctional way of handling the stress of everyday life.

Openness is basically an individual who welcomes the possibility of change and someone who is not open tends to resist change of any kind and is often in a status quo personal position and will almost dogmatically defend it. Openness if defined as a willingness to change or a willingness to be exposed to or try new things such as new ideas and new experiences would almost be acceptable. Openness then is an adventurous and curious attitude about life which creative individuals often need. Openness also implies an absence of secrecy or frank behavior so the definition of openness is very subjective since you can also be open to immoral or criminal behavior too. Openness is too subjective and complex a concept to have an accurate non contradictory definition and can’t be considered to be a well defined personality ”trait”.


Conscientiousness could be considered to be a relatively well defined personality trait because it is basically adequate caring and devoted effort to doing right.

Conscientious:  adj. adequate caring and devoted effort to do right


Extraversion could be a relatively well defined personality trait since some humans are more sociable and overtly expressive with other humans.

Extrovert: n. a sociable human with a tendency to be overtly expressive


Thus as you can see the big 5 personality “traits” have been watered down to only 2 big personality traits- extroversion and conscientiousness. The number one in importance is the personality trait of trustworthiness. There are actually the updated big 3 personality traits so far.

Trustworthiness: adj. having integrity and dependability and competence


Trait: n. a genetically inherited observable characteristic of an organism

Type: n. a subset


As you can see by the definition of trait it is really more accurate to call a personality trait a personality TYPE and not trait which is genetically determined and not conditioned behavior.


The updated big 3 personality TYPES are trustworthiness, extroversion, and conscientiousness.

It is also debatable whether conformity and changeability should not be added to form the updated new 5 big personality types and eliminate agreeableness and openness as valid classifications.

Humans have degrees of conformity in general and degrees of conformity to specific human behaviors such as empathy, kindness, altruism, secrecy, friendliness, helpfulness, habits, etc. Similarly humans have degrees of changeability in general and tendencies or degrees of change to specific behaviors such as habits, creativity, curiosity, morality, secrecy, honesty, friendliness, helpfulness, etc. Degree of changeability can also refer to the degree of changeability in ideas, beliefs, opinions, habits, etc. or anything which a human can do.

Thus conformity is really a subset of changeability which is a reflection of how much of a conformist you really are not subject to change. Thus you can make statements such as his degree of conformity to a belief is very large and the probability of change in that belief is very small. He tries to conform to the opinions of authority figures but the probability of change in his opinions is minimal. He conforms to the stereotype of a chronic gambler and the probability that he will change that habit is minimal baring a financial crisis.

Personality: n. 100% of the behavioral characteristics which make up a unique individual

From this definition you can see that a human personality has personality subsets or types and this is why many humans are stereotyped based on a dominant personality subset. The human has a dominant personality which is trustworthy, conscientious, extroverted, friendly, moral, creative, altruistic, and non conformist. Non dominant personality subsets are also used to describe someone’s personality and they are often inaccurate stereotypes so humans say that someone is kind, empathetic, clever, secretive, and helpful. etc. For some humans a non dominant personality subset such as helpfulness can become a dominant personality subset such as extreme altruism where you are helpful beyond the common human norms for helpful behavior.

It is more accurate to say that a human has an extroverted or friendly personality than to say that a human has a kind or helpful personality.This is because non dominant personality behaviors should usually not be thought of a personality stereotype which accurately reflects a person’s true personality as do more dominant personality subsets which represent a much larger and often more complex portion of a human’s total personality.

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Dominance: n. controlling the most and/or having the largest effect(s) on a subset(s)

After World War II the US had strategic, ideological, and economic dominance. Since then the US may still have some strategic dominance but it’s ideological and economic dominance is being severely threatened. China and other tyrannies such as Russia and the Islamic states are an assault on ideological democracy. The US is losing it’s moral authority and the trends of globalization with big international banks and corporations is threatening to reduce the US to an eventual third world nation.

Strategically the struggle was for technological dominance and the US now has to be on constant guard against cyber warfare and the cornering of the market for strategically significant material and minerals.

The US is merely a temporary pawn in the hands of the globalists who are running the show since technological dominance has been distributed worldwide and no one nation can claim to have technological strategic dominance.

To some, Trump may seem like the final hope for a return of nationalistic pride but the globalists are cleverly in control of every nation and the odds that nationalism will eventually triumph are nil. The globalists not only control the world money supply but also the mass media so the odds of any victory over the globalists is also nil.

If you fear nuclear annihilation, don’t, the globalists will find other ways to destroy you if they so desire and it will be with bad health from artificial chemical pollution and reproductive failure to name just a few options.

So what should a good citizen of the world do?

Live a moral life with integrity, get a useful education and selfeducate yourself, try to land a good paying job, reproduce, be a good role model, and try to improve yourself and your environment as best you can. Above all else try to eat and drink organic so you can live a relatively long duration life without serious health issues threatening your survival.

If you have money left over and like to give to charities find a reputable worldwide conservation organization and give to it because wildlife and wilderness can’t vote and needs your help desperately to survive for the benefit of future generations.

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I agree that the most basic of human needs are physiological and can be stated as the need for food, water, warmth, movement, and sleep. Many of us are motivated to satisfy these basic needs with the possible exception of severe drug addicts and the mentally ill who may disregard some of these basic needs at their own peril.

I prefer to classify other needs as motivating DESIRES for many but not for all. The supposed need for security or safety motivates many but there are the gamblers, the risk takers, thrill seekers, pleasure seekers, and entrepreneurs for whom too much security is not exciting enough and does not offer enough of a reward for living. Risk takers often prefer an adrenalin rush or the hope of making a great profit to too long a duration of a secure but relatively boring existence. Hedonistic promiscuous males and those involved in extreme sports are examples of risk taking deviance.

Many desire intimate or close relationships but many also fail at true intimacy which requires integrity, dependability, good communication skills, financial responsibility, and competence. Many more probably desire but not that many know how to develop trusting enduring relationships with the same or opposite sex. In a modern age of accepted promiscuity and some immorality intimate committed relationships are fast becoming an endangered species.

The desire to be praised, respected, and loved or a basic desire to have one’s ego lifted can almost be considered to be a basic need and source of motivation for many. Unfortunately many hope to get their self-esteem boosted by external things like just looking good, wearing the right clothes, having a nice car or furniture, having an interesting hobby, and having many acquaintances since many do not have such fulfilling good paying jobs or careers which they can feel proud about.

The desire to be respected and admired is fulfilled by being in a leadership position or having a reputable good paying career which you enjoy or can be creative in. Celebrities are often admired but not always respected since few of them have the morality and integrity to survive the temptations and drawbacks of celebrity status in the long duration.

Cognitive and aesthetic desires or the desire to think and search for beauty are relatively uncommon desires and motivates very few common men and women who have a tendency to judge based on past experience and not think and a tendency to accept authority figure judgments of what is beautiful.

Transcendence is defined as existence beyond the normal or physical level and we enter the badly defined area of spiritual experiences with no logical connection to reality other than brain activity of some kind which not that many desire to dwell in for very long.

True needs are mostly physiological and ego boosting. The rest of Mazlow’s needs are just desires that many have which motivate their lives and the order of priority varies in many individuals. There is no structural pyramid of needs for all humans.

There are those severely addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography, sex, overeating, shopping, etc. These severe addictions can become true personal needs with priority number one which make Mazlow’s pyramid of needs crumble to dust because even basic physiological needs are no longer fully met in some extreme addiction cases, especially in some drug addictions.

The basic error in Mazlow’s theory is that he has failed to accurately differentiate between a human need and a human desire. A human need is a desire for a subset(s) which is frequently essential. A need then is usually just an essential desire.

Desire: v. to mentally sense a need to achieve a goal(s) and frequently making that future achievement more probable and it originates in the survival instinct

Need: v. to desire a subset(s) which is frequently essential

Finally what many humans basically want or desire is to be happy and the type of goals which you strive to achieve will either increase your happiness in the short and/or long duration or increase your misery in the short and/or long duration.

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There are very many more detailed keys to a lasting relationship than just 7.  Despite all our efforts to make a relationship work there are some crises in life which can derail what may have seemed like a lifetime relationship no matter how much we may try to avoid a termination of the relationship. These basic 7 keys will help to optimize a long duration relationship and are good starting points when further researching the details on how to make a relationship last.

A similar moral background with integrity and similar views on severe addictions,

Good communication, especially when problem solving with minimal angry confrontations,

Financial responsibility,

Sharing responsibilities in and around the house, especially for working couples

Enjoying sharing mutual experiences with family and friends,

Mutual encouragement and support to pursue mutual and individual goals,

Ongoing research into new interests which are then shared.

Almost all relationships will crash and burn if there is lying, deceitfulness, promiscuity, failure to fulfill promises, and criminal immorality. That is why it is important that both of you have similar moral viewpoints and are very honest with each other so that mutual trust and respect can flourish in the long duration. What this also implies is that you are free of traditional vices or severe addictions to alcohol, drugs, food, gambling, promiscuity, profligate spending, etc.

Failure to communicate at all or doing so very badly will terminate most relationships even if they initially seemed to be on the right track. Being a poor listener and having angry confrontations when problems have to be solved is sure to lead to a breakup sooner or later or a very miserable existence as long as this dysfunctional condition continues.

Next to infidelity, financial irresponsibility is the second greatest cause for a relationship breakup, especially in a marriage. If you are a compulsive spender or can’t control your urge to shop and buy then this will be the wrecking ball which will end a marriage. Sticking to a budget is the only possible way of salvaging a financially irresponsible relationship.

For working couples sharing in the responsibilities in and around the house and sharing offspring rearing responsibilities is important or one will feel overburdened or overwhelmed with a lopsided workload. Relatively few modern day couples can make a go of it on only one paycheck so sharing the responsibility of caring for offspring, cleaning house, doing grocery and other shopping is very important or one will be suffering from premature burnout.

Whether you are sharing enjoyable experiences with friends or family this act of sharing has a bonding effect on the participants. If you are single then bonding with friends is more important but if married your priority should be bonding with family first and then friends. Yes, some feel it is more important to bond with humans on the job than with family. This is a long duration threat to a family relationship and many regret belatedly that they didn’t spend more time with family despite a relatively successful career which may have always been priority number one.

When things are going bad for us the one thing which we all crave is empathy and encouragement from our significant other that things will eventually get better or work themselves out. Encouragement is also essential to motivate one in mutual goals and also in some personal individual goals which one may want to achieve. Let’s support each other in our mutual goals and individual interests or goals also sums up what active encouragement really means. Giving support is not only emotional but has a monetary and effort support component too.

A relationship can lead to boredom and apathy if both are pretty much doing the same thing day in and day out and both seem to be stagnating. The antidote to this undesirable circumstance is to research and develop new interests along the way so that the relationship is ever changing and growing in complexity. Some younger and many retired couples find that after the offspring are raised they really don’t have very much interesting things to do individually or mutually and some decide to part ways in search of a more exciting or interesting life.

You have to work on a lasting relationship and that means actively nurturing and trying to protect it or caring about the relationship in an ongoing way. Stop spending your time, energy, effort, and money on a relationship and it will often rapidly fade and become a thing of the past.

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Good health,

A moral upbringing with integrity,

A useful education,

Continuing selfeducation,

A good job,



Updated goals throughout life.

Although many humans have overcome minor and major health handicaps and succeeded in leading productive lives, it is much easier to live a life free of health concerns and genetically it is a real benefit to future generations if you have healthy parents. Having good health is nature’s wonderful gift which one should try to maintain for a lifetime.

In all your human interactions, having integrity and a strong moral foundation that you believe in will maximize trust with friends, coworkers, offspring, and spouse. You will have good relationships with humans that are important to you and not have many dysfunctional relationships.

Without integrity and a moral foundation you will never be respected and maybe even admired by other humans if that is your ultimate goal.

If you come from a dysfunctional and/or immoral family the odds that you will have integrity and moral soundness are very low. Without wholesome role models to imitate you will not be respected nor admired. You may get lucky and find a mentor or role model whom you can imitate who has integrity and morality but it will take incredible courage and determination to struggle against a bad environment and the corresponding bad influences.

Many eventually rebel in some way against traditional religious morality so here is an updated modern secular moral code which you should follow as much as possible and pass it on your impressionable offspring.

In nonemergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

A technological, computer science, and scientific education is a useful education with more good job opportunities and if you are stuck in a job poor Liberal arts field then you may have to continue with further useful education and selfeducation to make a decent go of it in an age when job security is increasingly a thing of the past due to a standardization of function, parts, and robotization.

One thing is almost certain that you will have many more than just one job in your lifetime so more useful education and much selfeducation is what you should anticipate getting more of while going from job to job.

When finally you and your significant other both have relatively good jobs then is the optimal time to consider marriage and the possibility of offspring which are a great responsibility financially and time wise.

Networking and having some close friends may be important for you but be selective in which ones you choose to spend your valuable time, energy, and money on.

As we go through life our immediate and long duration goals change so be ready to update your goals throughout a lifetime to fit your immediate and hoped for circumstances.

If you start at the very bottom with dysfunctional parents and friends severely addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, entertainment, and overspending, and have a useless education then your chances of doing well in the economy will be minimal. You will ultimately probably join the ranks of those on permanent welfare or end up in prison for immoral and/or criminal behavior.

The choice is yours.  Be moral, work smart and hard or face a future filled with unhappiness, depression and trapped in a seemingly hopeless modern environment.

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If everyone who is unemployed and also destitute was equal in ability, health, morality, and goals in life then a guaranteed basic income for everyone would make sense.

Unfortunately those who are unemployed and also destitute at a given point in time are not equal in ability, health, morality, and goals in life.

There is a big difference in an unemployed and also destitute student who has demonstrated academic ability, comes from a moral household, is relatively healthy, and has realistic goals in life based on an exposure to good role models compared to a student who has demonstrated little academic ability, comes from a dysfunctional and/or immoral household, has bad health, lives in a crime infested neighborhood, and is plagued with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility. The former would benefit greatly from a guaranteed basic yearly income and the latter would only further feed an addiction to unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility.

There is also a very big difference between employed parents who lose their jobs due to automation and become unemployed and also destitute and dysfunctional and/or immoral parents on generational or permanent welfare, with bad health, and plagued with addictions to unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility.

A guaranteed basic annual income could benefit families and individuals who are moral, financially responsible, and relatively free of debilitating addictions. Giving an annual minimum income to lazy, financially irresponsible, dysfunctional and/or immoral, and addicted families and individuals would only trap them in their miserable lives and be an incentive for other lazy, severely flawed personalities in the work force to join all those on permanent welfare.

Realistically someone will have to differentiate between those who recently became unemployed and also destitute and those who have been on welfare for a long time and maybe even generational welfare.


Supply door to door, those on generational or permanent welfare, ex cons, and addicts with free basic necessities such as minimally processed food, whole milk, natural unsweetened fruit juices, clothing, shelter, cell phone, educational computer access, etc. but no discretionary money to spend on addictions, luxury goods, and bad nutrition. No motorized vehicles would be permitted for those on permanent welfare.

The discretionary spending of money should simply not be an equal right to have for adults who are really still bad irresponsible children in behavior and have to be supervised and cared for by some authority or surrogate parental figure. Putting them all in a physical jail is not an economically feasible solution unless they are hard core criminals.

There are many more laws which will have to be changed for welfare to become a just system for most and I detail the necessary changes in my book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.

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If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4200 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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