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If everyone who is unemployed and also destitute was equal in ability, health, morality, and goals in life then a guaranteed basic income for everyone would make sense.

Unfortunately those who are unemployed and also destitute at a given point in time are not equal in ability, health, morality, and goals in life.

There is a big difference in an unemployed and also destitute student who has demonstrated academic ability, comes from a moral household, is relatively healthy, and has realistic goals in life based on an exposure to good role models compared to a student who has demonstrated little academic ability, comes from a dysfunctional and/or immoral household, has bad health, lives in a crime infested neighborhood, and is plagued with addictions to alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility. The former would benefit greatly from a guaranteed basic yearly income and the latter would only further feed an addiction to unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility.

There is also a very big difference between employed parents who lose their jobs due to automation and become unemployed and also destitute and dysfunctional and/or immoral parents on generational or permanent welfare, with bad health, and plagued with addictions to unhealthy food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, and financial irresponsibility.

A guaranteed basic annual income could benefit families and individuals who are moral, financially responsible, and relatively free of debilitating addictions. Giving an annual minimum income to lazy, financially irresponsible, dysfunctional and/or immoral, and addicted families and individuals would only trap them in their miserable lives and be an incentive for other lazy, severely flawed personalities in the work force to join all those on permanent welfare.

Realistically someone will have to differentiate between those who recently became unemployed and also destitute and those who have been on welfare for a long time and maybe even generational welfare.


Supply door to door, those on generational or permanent welfare, ex cons, and addicts with free basic necessities such as minimally processed food, whole milk, natural unsweetened fruit juices, clothing, shelter, cell phone, educational computer access, etc. but no discretionary money to spend on addictions, luxury goods, and bad nutrition. No motorized vehicles would be permitted for those on permanent welfare.

The discretionary spending of money should simply not be an equal right to have for adults who are really still bad irresponsible children in behavior and have to be supervised and cared for by some authority or surrogate parental figure. Putting them all in a physical jail is not an economically feasible solution unless they are hard core criminals.

There are many more laws which will have to be changed for welfare to become a just system for most and I detail the necessary changes in my book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS.

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