Good health,

A moral upbringing with integrity,

A useful education,

Continuing selfeducation,

A good job,



Updated goals throughout life.

Although many humans have overcome minor and major health handicaps and succeeded in leading productive lives, it is much easier to live a life free of health concerns and genetically it is a real benefit to future generations if you have healthy parents. Having good health is nature’s wonderful gift which one should try to maintain for a lifetime.

In all your human interactions, having integrity and a strong moral foundation that you believe in will maximize trust with friends, coworkers, offspring, and spouse. You will have good relationships with humans that are important to you and not have many dysfunctional relationships.

Without integrity and a moral foundation you will never be respected and maybe even admired by other humans if that is your ultimate goal.

If you come from a dysfunctional and/or immoral family the odds that you will have integrity and moral soundness are very low. Without wholesome role models to imitate you will not be respected nor admired. You may get lucky and find a mentor or role model whom you can imitate who has integrity and morality but it will take incredible courage and determination to struggle against a bad environment and the corresponding bad influences.

Many eventually rebel in some way against traditional religious morality so here is an updated modern secular moral code which you should follow as much as possible and pass it on your impressionable offspring.

In nonemergency situations-don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

A technological, computer science, and scientific education is a useful education with more good job opportunities and if you are stuck in a job poor Liberal arts field then you may have to continue with further useful education and selfeducation to make a decent go of it in an age when job security is increasingly a thing of the past due to a standardization of function, parts, and robotization.

One thing is almost certain that you will have many more than just one job in your lifetime so more useful education and much selfeducation is what you should anticipate getting more of while going from job to job.

When finally you and your significant other both have relatively good jobs then is the optimal time to consider marriage and the possibility of offspring which are a great responsibility financially and time wise.

Networking and having some close friends may be important for you but be selective in which ones you choose to spend your valuable time, energy, and money on.

As we go through life our immediate and long duration goals change so be ready to update your goals throughout a lifetime to fit your immediate and hoped for circumstances.

If you start at the very bottom with dysfunctional parents and friends severely addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, entertainment, and overspending, and have a useless education then your chances of doing well in the economy will be minimal. You will ultimately probably join the ranks of those on permanent welfare or end up in prison for immoral and/or criminal behavior.

The choice is yours.  Be moral, work smart and hard or face a future filled with unhappiness, depression and trapped in a seemingly hopeless modern environment.

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