Dominance: n. controlling the most and/or having the largest effect(s) on a subset(s)

After World War II the US had strategic, ideological, and economic dominance. Since then the US may still have some strategic dominance but it’s ideological and economic dominance is being severely threatened. China and other tyrannies such as Russia and the Islamic states are an assault on ideological democracy. The US is losing it’s moral authority and the trends of globalization with big international banks and corporations is threatening to reduce the US to an eventual third world nation.

Strategically the struggle was for technological dominance and the US now has to be on constant guard against cyber warfare and the cornering of the market for strategically significant material and minerals.

The US is merely a temporary pawn in the hands of the globalists who are running the show since technological dominance has been distributed worldwide and no one nation can claim to have technological strategic dominance.

To some, Trump may seem like the final hope for a return of nationalistic pride but the globalists are cleverly in control of every nation and the odds that nationalism will eventually triumph are nil. The globalists not only control the world money supply but also the mass media so the odds of any victory over the globalists is also nil.

If you fear nuclear annihilation, don’t, the globalists will find other ways to destroy you if they so desire and it will be with bad health from artificial chemical pollution and reproductive failure to name just a few options.

So what should a good citizen of the world do?

Live a moral life with integrity, get a useful education and selfeducate yourself, try to land a good paying job, reproduce, be a good role model, and try to improve yourself and your environment as best you can. Above all else try to eat and drink organic so you can live a relatively long duration life without serious health issues threatening your survival.

If you have money left over and like to give to charities find a reputable worldwide conservation organization and give to it because wildlife and wilderness can’t vote and needs your help desperately to survive for the benefit of future generations.

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