Censorship by an immoral government is the worst kind of censorship because it tries to maintain a good or accepted reputation when it doesn’t deserve that reputation and does so with coercive oppression.

The next form of mass covert censorship is that done by monopoly prone organizations such as Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google who desperately would want a reputation of integrity and trustworthiness so they can be respected by a vast majority of its customers. That means that they must try to censor all immoral, incompetent, and criminal elements.

The reality is that big money is increasingly influencing who and what gets promoted and who and what gets censored on the web so many moral organizations and individuals with little money but quality information and/or goods and/or services and/or property get censored on the web along with criminals and politically incorrect viewpoints.  You are constantly prominently barraged by ads that you don’t want or don’t need from deep pocket organizations with strong fiduciary relationships with the Big Four mentioned above with Bing a possible 5th contender.

In the foreseeable future cellphones will probably also evolve to much less complex dumb phones and not smart phones which can do almost anything. The complexity of thousands of apps will probably be reduced to simple choices such as type of food, clothing, car, author, etc. and price and all delivered door to door by a handful of companies. Less choice is also a form of censorship and the dream of monopoly prone companies so be on guard against this and promote quality diversity as much as possible.

A wild west kind of internet is unworkable and moral or just behavioral censorship has become a vital necessity. But can you completely trust the morals of companies with monopoly power over you or completely trust the morals of the government with a tendency to favor monied special interests?

Ultimately common morality must be impulsive to be effective so the solution lies in indoctrinating the younger generation with a workable universal worldwide secular moral code which can be applied by almost everyone without religious beliefs. A moral citizenry will demand a moral leadership and it will be a revolution from the bottom up if those in power desire it to be so top down also. Search my blog or publications if you are interested and want some details about this universal worldwide secular moral code.

A moral code that is just efficiently rules over impulsive human nature and minimizes the need for surveillance cameras in every nook and cranny of society.

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