I tried to access and possibly buy from Amazon

Nazis, Commies, And Terrorists: How western society has become what it fought, and how to fix this problem

Jan 1, 2015

and found out that it is not currently available anymore. Tarl Warwick is a self proclaimed unique Libertarian type who does not publish hate speech nor any really radical views attempting the overthrow of governments through violent means so he is no terrorist by any stretch of the imagination.
What peaked my interest in this book was the statement “and how to fix this problem”. I read all political viewpoints and formulate my own opinion based on what I find most truthful about the ideas advocated by conservative and liberal spokesmen. Tarl Warwick is loosely somewhat a Libertarian conservative and not a far right Nazi but you really can’t pigeon hole or stereotype him into a political box. He speaks very lucidly on many political issues and what he offers is mildly intellectually stimulating.
As a youth I also was very interested in Libertarian ideas and the older I got I also got a little wiser I realized that pure Libertarianism is unworkable and formulated my own political philosophy called CapSocialism. Nevertheless I sense that Amazon may be trying to politically censor “politically incorrect thinking” or more accurately minority political opinion.
To date I have not investigated Tarl’s YouTube video presence enough to form any permanent conclusions about him but I offer you three examples which I enjoyed to some extent, perhaps because of the novelty of it. One is a conversation between Tarl and Stephan Molyneux on Globalism.
Here’s Tarl’s views on the far left and far right.
One caveat, I strongly don’t support Tarl’s view on drugs but many of his other views are a good antidote to a young human indoctrinated by the establishment left. If you are a big government liberal then you can get some balance in your views by listening to Tarl and rethinking through your ideological views or beliefs.
And here is a video of Tarl’s views on traditionalism.

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