Don’t tell them they can be anything that they want but steer them into good paying professions.

Eating dinner as a family has social and verbal benefits.

Enforce or limit screen time on tablets and cellphones to about an hour for young children and have them engage with the real world of books, playing, etc.

When mothers work outside the home then daughters tend to also hold more responsible jobs when they grow up.

Offspring with greater success tended to do chores as a child.

Offspring who learn delayed gratification or do unpleasant things at home without being instantly rewarded tended to perform better in careers.

Reading to young children and teaching them to read as soon as possible is an aid in better performance in school and elsewhere.

Let them fail and learn from their mistakes on their own builds character.

Let them travel to other locations and to foreign countries if possible since this stimulates a desire to try new things and appreciate different points of view.


What this list does not include is the fundamental fact that if the parents are trustworthy or have integrity, dependability, competence, and good communication skills then their offspring also tend to follow in their footsteps personality wise.

If you want to read the original article in inc.com then click on this link:

Science Says the Most Successful Kids Have Parents Who Do These 9 Things

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