You can screw up your life in more than 13 ways but here are the most important 13 ways:

Wait for the “right” moment to do important and desirable long duration goals or procrastinate about good long duration goals.

Keep complaining that you’re always the victim.

Feel bad about yourself and dwell on regrets.

Land a lousy job and keep it for a lifetime.

Have friends that you don’t like and who fail to motivate you to do better.

Stay with a spouse who abuses you and doesn’t respect you.

Have an entitlement mind frame or think that humans owe you and feel that you don’t have to earn anything yourself.

Have severe addictions to drugs, gambling, pornography, sex, shopping, etc. and don’t have enough courage and determination to overcome the addiction(s).

Realize that you have many bad habits and do nothing about them.

Live from paycheck to paycheck, go into debt, and never learn to budget your money.

Don’t learn to control your emotions and argue too much even about trivial things.

Lie to and deceive others thinking that they will never wise up to your immorality and give you a bad reputation.

Make too many excuses and almost always try to blame others for your failures and misfortune.

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