The current headlines all center around the question of inappropriate sexual behavior in the business or professional world. You can seriously ask. Were some of the incidents just examples of courtship rituals or was it really an example of sexual abuse in a work environment?

There are many bachelors and single women working together or interacting in the business and professional world. Men being men and women being women it is very hard to control sexual desires and totally eliminate courtship rituals from the workplace. Courtship rituals involve touching, vocalizations, displays of beauty, and fighting prowess or power.

Men in powerful positions and especially those who are handsome may be tempted to show their aggressiveness and prowess by slapping or pinching the butt, affectionately touching the back, shoulder or neck, hugging, saying very complimentary remarks or hinting at sexual behavior prowess, and in general saying and doing things which are acceptable during a courtship but not acceptable between professionally interacting males and females.

The real solution to the problem of sexual abuse in the workplace is to make strict rules forbidding all courtship rituals during working hours. Is this a realistic solution if a male and female are actually in a sexual relationship after work hours and actually courting? In this situation the male and female would have to have incredible emotional and physical control to avoid inappropriate behavior in the workplace.

The questions to ask to resolve a sexual abuse complaint would be. Is the male or female or both married? Do they have a sexual or courtship relationship outside of the workplace? Was the courtship ritual in the workplace intentional or unintentional or a mistake? Is the claim of sexual harassment really a desire for revenge on the part of a jilted female?

A married human should not be courting in the workplace and the only recourse would be to say that the sexual abuse was a mistake or unintentional. Can you prove this in a court of law? Highly unlikely so we really have not successfully resolved the real life issue of inappropriate sexual behavior or demonstrating an inappropriate courtship ritual in the workplace.

There is a very old saying that all is fair in love and war. If the majority of humans feel this way then I am afraid that a just solution to inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace will be an open wound or sore which will never heal and many men will be unjustly persecuted by the establishment media for political and/or economic gain with sensationalism as a backdrop.

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