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Become genuinely interested in humans and keep improving your emotional intelligence with interactive human experience.

First impressions are important so smile when introducing yourself and remember a human’s name which are the first 2 signs of genuine friendly interest.

Be a good listener and only politely interrupt to change the subject if the human is getting too verbose or uninteresting.

Encourage others to talk about themselves and ask relevant follow up questions which show an interest in what they are saying and doing.

Talk in terms of the human’s interests or focus on the human’s loves and likes when interacting.

Make the human feel important by sincerely complimenting when a compliment is deserved and sincerely agreeing with an opinion if it seems to have merit or is plausible.

Share your views on a topic if there is a resemblance but rarely discuss highly controversial topics such as religion, politics, and sports unless you become close friends or are of similar persuasion.

In the long duration humans will like and maybe even admire you if you have integrity or are moral and honest, are trustworthy, are dependable, are competent, are friendly, or generally deserve to be respected.

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