Prioritize and list the humans that you need and want to spend the most time with.

Categorize your human contacts as close friends, important and unimportant job related friends, casual friends, and acquaintances.

Interact with important friends more frequently or spend more time, energy, effort, and money on them.

Network or try to bond with humans who potentially could further your present or future career or job.

Take a chance or spend some time on new friends that interest you or are useful to you.

Try to associate more with humans or friends who motivate you to improve.

Maintain contact with humans who are progressing in life.

For close friends choose the ones with integrity who are moral and honest, dependable, competent, and somewhat ambitious and motivating. You must also have these traits if you want to attract quality friends.

To have a friend you must be a friend, help out where appropriate, and be interesting to talk to. You will probably connect more readily with humans who are close to your age, have the same educational level, and have some mutual or common interests in life.

Avoid or exclude bad or useless time wasting friends from your life.

Many humans will enter and leave your life throughout a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to leave or minimize contact with old friends and don’t be afraid to try to make new and perhaps better friends or contacts.

Continue to selfeducate yourself, broaden your interests, and improve yourself because ultimately humans want someone interesting to interact with too.

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