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You can network with humans worldwide

You can intimately communicate with close friends and family

You can network with professionals on Linkedin

You can share hobbies and good internet websites

You can minimize TV watching


The information can be overwhelming

It is hard to exclude false content

Not good for group discussions

It can become an addictive timewaster

You can become a victim of bullying, sexual abuse, and profanity

You can become a victim of insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, and humiliation

Personal fitness and family time together may suffer

Privacy issues

You can easily fall prey to quantity not quality communications

You can become a victim of too many ads


Social media is a potentially powerful tool which if used judiciously can make and maintain good social contacts and reveal some useful information. Used poorly the addictive tool can become a time waster and take valuable time away from other daily useful pursuits. If you judiciously prioritize the humans that you interact with and schedule your time well then social media can be a great asset in your life.


Networking with humans worldwide is a great advantage if you travel much or want to maintain professional contacts worldwide in your field of expertise. Cheap communications over the internet are very alluring and you don’t have to pay high rates for international communication.

You can easily and cheaply keep in touch with close friends and family members nationally by choosing either Facebook or Instagram. You can use one website exclusively for casual contacts and many “friends” which you only view once in a while. Use another website where you more frequently stay in touch with close friends and family. Separating your close contacts with more remote ones is a good idea so you don’t mix important contacts with rather unimportant ones.

Linkedin is an important website for networking with professional contacts and then you can switch to personal emails if you want the communications to be more intimate or private.

You can network with humans who have similar hobbies or pastimes and share your passion. Getting hints from others about good websites for your important interests can supplement your initial Google or search engine results.

Social media and the internet in general will probably minimize your need to watch TV. You won’t be wasting your time on rather trivial pursuits if you so desire.


Social media can become overwhelming, especially if you are young, get addicted, and are not very selective in the humans that you interact with. Keeping track of a hundred or more friends or acquaintances can be mind boggling. Intensively communicating with a handful of friends can consume an incredible amount of time and be overwhelming. Too much social media can adversely affect your schoolwork, job performance, and offline human communications ability.

If you are heavily involved in politics a recent phenomenon is fake news and it is increasingly becoming harder and harder to tell whether a news report is reliable or possibly misinformation and false. If it is not a reputable source then there is always the possibility of unreliable or false information. A lie like a rumor can quickly spread through social media before you realize what the real truth is. The internet in general is increasingly being plagued with fraudulent activity in the form of scam websites, scams, and bad information in general.

Social media is also not very useful for group discussions so special software may have to be installed to get a group to communicate with each other simultaneously.

Social media can become addictive just like texting so become concerned and start cutting back if you are spending more than two hours daily communicating with others.

Especially young children can become victims of bullying, sexual abuse, and profanity. Further they may be insulted, put down, name called, ridiculed, and humiliated on social media by others. If you become a victim of abuse on social media then it can have some devastating psychological impacts on your mind and behavior. If you are not a fully developed personality incapable of turning off personal assaults then you may become depressed, miserable, or constantly involved in dysfunctional communications.

Too much social media can have negative impacts on your physical fitness and take away from valuable time spent with family. Becoming physically unfit and becoming unable to successfully communicate with family members is something which should be avoided at all costs.

Privacy issues are important because anything on social media is essentially a public communication. Potential employers may view your social media presence and make decisions about hiring based on what kind of friends you have and how much unfavorable information you may have revealed to the world about yourself. A social media presence which shows that you use profanity frequently, are promiscuous, and have friends with bad behavior or criminal records will doom you for any future employment. A delinquent childhood may doom a successful career as an adult in the working world.

The major drawback to social media is that you often can’t discriminate between quality vs. quantity interactions. You may quantitatively communicate much but the quality of your communications may be very bad or mostly trivial useless communications. Essentially you may be wasting your time, energy, and even money on social media and not bettering your life in any significant way.

Most social media is interested in making some money off of you. This often means that you will be deluged with ads for information, goods, and services which may make you buy things which you really don’t need and not only waste your time but also your money too.


Social media is a tool which when used efficiently can help you to maintain contact with important humans in your life and become the source for interesting information and communication. Used inefficiently, social media can become a waster of your time, energy, and eventually money. So learn to use social media wisely and avoid all the pitfalls or cons which are a great temptation and can lead to addictive misery and failure in life.

Social media is a useful technological tool. Use it wisely by prioritizing your contacts, time and energy spent and you will greatly benefit. Use it unwisely and it can become quicksand which will slowly drown you in a sea of overwhelming addictive mostly trivial information.

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