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The guaranteed national income is just a short duration welfare payment which will increase the national debt in the short duration but all the benefits of the initial stimulus will in the long duration lead to the same problems without a cure.

Yes, initially spending will increase in the nation and businesses both small and large will make greater profits and there will be more investment and expansion in the economy with more jobs and perhaps a slight increase in salaries.

In the long duration prices will increase and cause more inflation reducing the purchasing power of the extra income. In the long duration the purchasing power of the national income will become less and less and investment and jobs will decrease again to levels even lower than those at the outset. Even salaries may not increase but perhaps even decrease when businesses slow down again.

It would be much smarter to make small welfare payments to everyone on a yearly basis and gradually increase the welfare payments to keep pace with inflation so that the purchasing power of the dollar would remain constant and the stimulus to the economy would be constant year after year. Yes, the national debt will continue to increase and the economy will essentially be in a no growth mode again.

In the mean time big business will profit buying up more small businesses and putting them out of business and impacting the employment rate by making it higher.

The guaranteed national income just means that more humans will be on welfare often being non contributing members of society and parasites on the economy. There will be many more humans in poverty and the difference between the rich and poor will just be bigger with a continuing decreasing middle class.

Big business and robotization will put many humans out of work in the near future so you could argue that at least all the unemployed and destitute will be able to survive on a guaranteed national income adjusted to inflation on a yearly basis. Ultimately this may indeed be a compassionate solution in the modern age of little work for the unskilled and non usefully educated population. Since the welfare overhead is 70% for administrative fees for the current system, that money could be used instead to go directly to welfare recipients without the bureaucratic overhead.

My solution to the welfare problem is very different and has some strings attached so that the incentive to work is not totally eliminated. You can read my book CHANGES IN WELFARE LAWS to get an alternate viewpoint.

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There is some scientific evidence to suggest that if your life is going along relatively smoothly with physical health, a moral outlook, a useful education, a few good friends, good social interaction, a good paying job, financial responsibility, a happy marriage, and generally a feeling that you are contributing to society in some meaningful way that the probability that you will need or do drugs is minimal. Basically if you are moral, eat healthy, have drug free good friends, and are gainfully employed then you will seldom have a serious drug habit.

But seriously ask yourself whether society or any social program can offer equal opportunity to achieve such desirable happiness or circumstances once you have fallen through the cracks and become a habitual drug user? To gain desirable circumstances requires time, effort, sacrifice, achievement, optimization of ability, money, a moral family, and a useful educational background. Just do what feels good or follow your passion will definitely not work under most circumstances. Life is not fair for most and those are the humans more prone to drug use.

On the other hand if you are in bad physical health, don’t have a moral family, have dysfunctional friends who gamble, are promiscuous, and are financially unstable then you are in danger. If you are bad at social interaction, are badly educated, depressed, have a lousy job or no job at all, are unhappily married or not married at all, and feel that you are contributing nothing to society then drugs can be a very tempting escape mechanism to try and feel good for a change.

Increasingly western society is being filled with dysfunctional individuals isolated from wholesome human contact who do drugs to try and escape their desperate isolated or confusing lives. Others socialize with dysfunctional hedonistic friends who are lousy role models to imitate. When teenage and adult peer pressure is hedonistic then it is just a question of time before you crash and burn and potentially ruin your life and whatever future you still have ahead of you.

A society filled with rehab centers is not a very stable society and the more drugs that are legalized the greater will be the percentage of humans using them on a regular basis which many now still call an addiction problem. The opiod crisis is just the tip of the legal and illegal iceberg and legalizing all drugs as in Portugal will unfortunately eventually result in a large percentage of the largely hedonistic drug taking population being bad contributing members to society.

Maybe eventually an unhappy dysfunctional human workforce will largely be replaced with dependable, trustworthy, competent robots. What may then happen is that most of the population will be strung out on mind altering drugs most of the time and on government welfare. There is an old saying which still applies in modern times even though you don’t have to believe in devils. “Idle minds and hands are the devil’s workshop”. Simply put, if you have nothing useful to do in life then you will probably get yourself into trouble personally and socially.

If drugs are legalized then there will be more children, students, nannies, teachers,  vocational and professional workers in responsible positions strung out on drugs and making the workforce more dangerous and inefficient than it already is. Can any nation with legalized drugs survive and be powerful, respected, and morally functional in other than a third world status? I highly doubt that this is possible.

I hope the crisis never becomes so acute that drug pushers or dealers will have to be executed but that may be the only sane alternative to continuing to do nothing constructive and gradually letting the nation slide into a mind altering drug haze both legal and illegal.

If there is a moral to be gleaned from history it is- “don’t become a hedonistic individual and participate in a hedonistic society”. Hedonistic individuals and societies don’t last long.

Hedonistic: adj. pursuing excessive pleasure

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Politics used to be rather boring and predictable with standard decorum and rituals or traditions which were repeated over and over again with boring regularity. Gone is the era of relative predictability and politics now is an all out slugfest where insults, put downs, name calling, ridicule, guilt by association, slander, and humiliation are standardly used against political opponents and media talking heads.

Traditional news conferences with the media are few and far between, there is no trust in the leadership of either party, the establishment or legacy media has justly been assailed as a biased source of some fake news, the highest levels of leadership positions have gone unfilled, and the current status of rational political discourse is a chaotic emotional shambles.

Economic prudence is out the window and the only area of political bipartisan agreement seems to be compromise on how much more money is going to be spent on bureaucratic entitlements while increasing the national debt.

There are no longer charismatic leaders which have been untainted by some corruption and many inexperienced and unqualified celebrities are written about as possible future presidents.

It is easy to use one human as a scapegoat and accuse Trump of being the sole cause of this chaotic political turnaround but the roots of the problem run much deeper. The cause of the current day situation is a basic moral corruption in society which glorifies promiscuity, hedonism, drug use, deviant lifestyles, and has a crude intolerant liberal ideology which has seeped into the educational system, the establishment media, and celebrities in general. Respect and admiration for the establishment has bit the dust and whether credibility and trust can be restored like the rising phoenix from the ashes of immoral behavior is debatable.

Nothing short of a moral revival can potentially cure the political and social malaise but it will take decades to reestablish. A secular moral code with real life current examples taught to all impressionable young minds in elementary schools is vital. Without this indoctrination the insecure and unpredictable state of society will not improve and trusting peaceful cooperation between citizens and between citizens and their leaders will not be possible in the long duration. Stringent media censorship and propagandizing a leftist intolerant ideology is not an easy and quick solution if the populace and leadership is basically immoral and corrupt.

What is necessary is a return to integrity or honesty and morality, family values, useful education, financial responsibility, and a media promoting objective journalism. Media not riddled with fake news using intimidation tactics, guilt by association, and ideological purity or political correctness is the only thing which will save this nation in the long duration from becoming a third world country or possibly even a tyranny.

Big money without a moral backbone corrupts internationally and nationally and it is no wonder that qualified smart humans don’t want to enter politics and get on an unending treadmill of money solicitations and molding their political discourse based on the latest dubious polling trends. Politicians sucking up to big money is proving to be the downfall of moral statesmanship which this country sorely needs more of. The health and wellbeing of the average citizen is being almost totally ignored. Religion used to help in filling the essential moral vacuum which today is becoming a moral vacuum without a common secular moral code as a trusted fervently believed behavioral guide.

Far from being pessimistic I see some hope in alternate media and the internet as long as it doesn’t become an exclusive propaganda mouthpiece of the ruling monied establishment. Ultimately if anything has the potential to improve a society it is a responsible press. In the era of the internet this means responsible moral individuals and organizations or groups with internet access to the world where they can promote their views and facts, hopefully in an open source way.

Moral communication and activity is vital. Without it society ceases to function efficiently and it degenerates into a costly bureaucratic surveillance society with safe gated communities and the rest functioning as best they can in an insecure survival of the fittest mode.

I personally don’t fear turmoil in society because it is a barometer of change in society which it definitely going on. How society will adapt and change in the face of political uncertainty is going to be an interesting circus to watch or follow. Will this circus last for another 7 years followed by more of the same is debatable but well worth the wait. Enjoy!

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Realistic and unrealistic steps to minimize gun violence!

Prioritized in terms of minimal cost with maximum effect:

  1. Concealed carry adults or teachers in gun free zones such as schools and houses of worship.

2. Single or minimal entry fenced in areas checked by armed security forces for gun free zones.

3. Nationwide criminal checks for gun purchases and severe penalties for felons carrying weapons.

4.Teach a secular moral code to all young impressionable minds in elementary school which includes don’t murder.

5. Don’t advertise mass shootings in the media since this is just a propaganda tool or incentive for an ego trip for the next copy cat mass shooter.


Overly costly bureaucratic approaches with no realistic results:

  1. Exclude mentally ill patients from purchasing guns.

About 25% of the American population can be considered mentally ill or on psychotropic medication so classifying someone mentally ill and prone to using guns is just realistically not even possible.

  1. Monitor deviant humans posting violent intentions on social media and have police follow up with costly investigations and blacklisting them from gun purchases nationally.

Who is intelligent or qualified enough to determine what is freedom of speech and actual premeditated desire to use weapons? No one is qualified to make this largely subjective evaluation beyond a reasonable doubt which is attempted in court but not in society at large. Try all these gun talking idiots in court? Ridiculous!

Classifying those mentally ill and prone to violence is impossible but even more impossible is classifying and convicting deviant humans posting violent intentions on social media.

  1. Ban all guns for law abiding citizens.

Only criminals would have guns and farmers, ranchers, and urban dwellers would be defenseless against criminals since even in urban areas it takes about 15 minutes for police to respond to a 911 call which is enough time for most criminals to escape.

Finally as a general principle- Humans kill humans and guns don’t kill humans just like humans kill humans and cars rarely kill humans even though over 30 thousand humans die yearly in car accidents. Ban all cars and trucks? Not a realistic solution although self driving cars may someday reduce the highway carnage.

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Unconscious: adj. sensing and/or thinking when asleep but does not include impulsive brain activity which is remembered dreaming

Conscious: adj. existing and sensing and/or thinking and dreaming a subset(s) which you then remember when you wake up

Subconscious: adj. impulsive brain activity while awake and/or asleep which while awake influences our behavior to a large degree, especially good and/or bad habits, and is an impulsive reaction to stimuli in the environment and brain and whose origin is all processed and stored prior experiences and/or information

Impulsive: adj. doing a subset(s) almost instantly without conscientious forethought

Think: v. to silently and mentally verbalize and try to make correspondences between the subsets of one’s own knowledge and/or experiences and using as much logic as possible


As long as the brain is alive it is conscious but the possessor of the brain has very small if any intentional control over what is referred to as unconscious actions and/or impulses originating in the brain when the brain is asleep.

Contrary to popular belief most of our daily wakeful actions are the result of the subconscious or impulsive brain actions simultaneously interacting with some degree of forethought. Very few behaviors have a purely impulsive origin without any degree of conscious thinking and similarly no thinking proceeds without a component of impulsive brain activity which comes from the subconscious.

For all practical purposes being conscious means being awake and having a normally functioning brain. Yes, you can also say that you were conscious during sleep if you remember a dream when you wake up.

If you are unconscious then you are asleep and don’t remember any dreams when you wake up.

Your subconscious brain is primarily responsible for your impulsive behaviors such as good and bad habits but it also helps you to think based on your prior experiences in life with humans and/or things. Your subconsciousness is a huge subset or part of your conscious brain and it really would be more accurate to say that you are more subconscious rather than conscious during your waking hours.

Your emotions play a large role and determine to a large extent what your impulsive reactions will be in many normal day to day experiences. When you are thinking much with minimal emotional input your subconscious is still at work and still guiding your thinking processes to some extent.

How the subconscious and the conscious interact while awake or how the impulsive brain interacts with the non impulsive thinking brain if there is such a thing is a big mystery. Maybe we are impulsive all the time and thinking is just being minimally impulsive. So brain activity is just degrees of impulsivity.

Conscientious forethought may just be minimal impulsivity guiding behavior.

Conscientious:  adj. adequate caring and devoted effort to do right and/or wrong

Will science ever bring clarification or proof of the unconscious, conscious, subconscious, and thinking concepts? It is uncertain and only time will tell if the concepts remain intuitive philosophical ideas or if there is a one to one correspondence with brain impulses and/or activity and the 4 concepts.

I personally believe that the brain is always sensing and thinking but when we are unconscious we just can’t willingly remember any sensing and thinking that went on.

I don’t like my definition of conscious which is another word for being awake because we can still be awake in our dreams which we remember when we wake up. It seems like a paradox that you can be asleep and still be awake or conscious if it is a dream that you remember. To date I have not found existing adequate words to define my concept of consciousness accurately.

If you have read this far and understood most of what I wrote then you are probably a borderline genius because it almost took me a lifetime to get to this point of understanding.

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The real major way to influence humans in a good way, be respected, and maybe even be admired is to have integrity or be honest and moral, be trustworthy, sincere, dependable, friendly, competent, empathetic, and a good conversationalist. If you have mutual interests and share them then you are well on your way to having a good impact or influence on others and you will probably benefit in major ways yourself.

That said, here are 6 helpful small tips which will increase your ability to influence others and perhaps be better liked.

Asking small favors if done right will make humans like you more if you have had little interaction with them to start with. Most humans like to help others and feel good about it after they have helped, especially if it costs them very little time, little effort, and almost no money in the process. Asking for a favor is especially effective if it is something which the human loves, likes, or enjoys such as a favorite food, drink, or book. If you generally agree or express a liking for something a human likes then they generally will like you more.

Start with- “Could you do me a small favor?” (and smile)

“I’ll pay for it but could you please bring me back a sample of your favorite donut, cookie, candy, sandwich, taco, soft drink, beer, wine, etc.?”

“Could I please borrow the book that you read and enjoyed?”

“Could I please borrow the book after you are finished with it?”

“Could I please borrow for a day your rake, shovel, blower, power tool, blender, etc.”

“Please lend me your _ for a minute, hour, or day.”

“May I use your telephone for an important call?”

“Would you mind closing the window?”

Could you help me with my homework?

“Could you take a look at this email and recommend an answer?”


If you want humans to think highly of you then remembering and using their NAME is one of the most important things in relationships, especially if you will not see the human for a long time but will run into them again in a casual way.


Flattery can be used sparingly and in its best form it is sincere praise. “Great job, that was masterful, loved what you did, gorgeous outfit, inspiring performance, couldn’t have done it better, wow, impressive, you are special, etc.” Be careful because if you flatter someone who doesn’t deserve it then it can backfire as insincere phony exaggeration.


Unless you’re a boss telling someone that they are wrong or correcting their mistakes, correcting puts humans in defensive mode trying to protect their ego and they will not be very receptive to any requests which you may decide to make or follow up with.


One of the best ways to bond or show empathy for a human is to repeat something which they have said and that makes humans aware that you are listening to them or are interested in what they are saying. They will be more comfortable and friendly with you since you seem to care about them by this repetition or reflective listening.


Nodding at someone during a conversation seems to imply that you are agreeing with them and they are more likely to do you a favor when you ask for it or in effect they are nodding back and agreeing with you.


While these 6 tips are not that important in old close friendships they are sometimes useful in casual acquaintances or friendships.

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Before talking to someone it is important to first know what the goal, purpose, or subject of the conversation is. Is it to just greet and just say hello or do you want to convey some information or instructions, get an answer to a question, discuss a topic, get to better know a human, get someone to help you with a task, or just make idle chit chat.

If the conversation is designed to sell something, to persuade someone, or to discuss job performance then this requires specialized skill sets not covered here. Public speaking is a one way conversation which is a skill we will not cover here.

A conversation may last longer than the goal that you had in mind but you should do your best to complete the goal of the conversation before you delve into other subject or topic areas if the need or impulse arises. Try to be brief and to the point before you get sidetracked which can happen occasionally.

Body language is important and you should not cross your arms or stare intently during a long conversation. Eye contact is more important during a short conversation and smiling always helps but you can deflect your eyes quite often during a long conversation.

Word fillers can be just as annoying as long pauses so try to avoid repeating useless words such as “um”, “like”, and “you know” throughout the conversation.

Really listen to the response and you will better be able to judge whether you were misunderstood, whether the human was upset or delighted by your question or statement, or whether the human is offering an opinion or fact which can be used as a follow up question or a reason to continue the flow of the conversation. If you really listen more than you talk then you may be surprised by what you can learn and you will be respected more since you will be showing a sincere interest in the talker.

It is ok to interrupt if the human is getting off subject or is delving into boring trivia. You can interrupt and can change the subject or postpone the discussion to a later date or time. Some interruptions can be rude such as the distractions of a cell phone, others entering the conversation unannounced, and trying to multitask.

A lengthy conversation is usually a two way street or a mutual conversation and empathy is sometimes very important. To demonstrate sincere empathetic engagement you can repeat another’s word, phrase, or sentence and use this as a source for follow up questions which keep the conversation going. Using words such as “I know how you feel”, “That happened to me too”, “I feel your excitement or pain”, and “My feeling exactly” will make a human feel that they are saying something important or interesting and that you care about them.

If there is time then you can tell a story or relate a personal experience which fits the topic of the conversation and gets the point across so do this. Many humans like stories with a point and personal experiences or examples from real life which inform or demonstrate a principle.

Sometimes conversations can erupt into arguments, especially when opinions or beliefs conflict or a human feels that they have been offended, so try to remain in discussion mode and apologize if you hurt someone’s feelings unintentionally. Sometimes agree to disagree to get the conversation out of confrontation mode.

If you have integrity or are honest and moral, are trustworthy, sincere, dependable, friendly, and competent with some empathy then humans will respect you and even admire you. They will be more interested in what you have to say.

In a nutshell to have a good conversation, listen more than you speak, ask follow up questions, stick to topics of mutual interest, and be empathetic where appropriate.

If you liked this evergreen truth blog then read more of them, about 4300 so far, or read one or more of my evergreen truth books, especially EVERGREEN TRUTH, rays of truth in a human world filled with myths and deceptions.

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