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Left                                              Right

Communist                                Fascist

Socialist                                      Nazi

Liberal                                        Conservative

Alt Left   Antifa                          Alt Right

Democrat                                   Republican

Progressive                                 Libertarian

Environmentalist                        Redneck

Religious Right

Tea party







Social justice is group or collective justice and it is often not justice for the individual who is demonized for not going along with “group think”. Individual rights are oppressed by social justice warriors who create a noxious label for you and then proceed to attack and try to destroy you with name calling and guilt by association.

If you are not a Democrat or an establishment sympathizer then you run the risk of being called a racist, misogynist, sexist, rapist, or homophobe and politically labeled as a Nazi, Fascist, or Alt Right sympathizer. The educational establishment and big corporations like Google are already blacklisting humans with conservative inclinations and smaller groups within the organization sabotage your work and don’t promote you if you are not “politically correct” in your political views.

Religious intolerance has been replaced by political or ideological intolerance with a dogmatic zeal to suppress opposing political views and not permitting even the debate or discussion of the topic in educational classes.

The Democratic political, blacklisting, corrupt bias of the entertainment industry has even filtered down into sports and it has ruined comedy too. There is no longer a wholesome moral cultural consensus as to what is right or wrong and the promiscuous, drug promoting celebrities are no longer revered and respected by the vast majority of the population. Political and cultural leadership has been corrupted by big money and many are no longer admired and respected because they are fundamentally leading immoral lives.

Without a widely promoted common morality, cultural cohesion in the long duration is not possible and no amount of collective propaganda or imposition of ideological beliefs will make the chronic situation better.

There are some optimistic discussions in the alternative media which make a lot of sense or are bastions of the truth in a sea of fake news and ideological intolerance.

I personally like the Rubin Report and occasionally listen to YouTube videos by Styxhexenhammer666, Sargon of Akkad, and interviews of Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Candace Owens, etc.

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