Ideology: n. being a system of beliefs and/or ideas about a subset(s) which is frequently a political and/or economic subset(s)

Moral: adj. privately and/or publicly conforming to normative standards of goodness and/or rightness in behavior whose origin is frequently from religious and/or ethical standards of goodness and/or rightness

Unity in the nation and the world is almost impossible to achieve because morality, ideology, multiculturalism, and sexism exist and clash with each other if there is not unity of thought on how to handle each of these topics within a nation and within an international ruling body trying to make universal laws for the world.

Sexism is the hardest ideology to reach a consensus on because males and females are not biologically equal and even though mental ability may be relatively equally distributed in males and females there is still the difference of physical strength and height which makes females undesirable in some professions such as elite special military forces, heavy furniture movers, and other professions requiring constant or occasional use of great physical strength and height.

It is also a biological fact that most females are inherently born to be better at raising small offspring due to a tendency to care more or to be more nurturing and protective of young offspring than adult males in general.

Historically most societies have been patriarchal in nature with females being more submissive and males being more domineering and responsible for the protection and financial support of the family unit. Worldwide culturally, male dominance is still prevalent and is dying a slow death.

Cultures with Sharia law in place are perfect examples of sexist cultures where males and females do not have equal rights and probably never will as long as the traditions and laws don’t change through a gradual evolutionary reorganization. Western cultures with relative male female equality are simply incompatible with Sharia law cultures and this is a primary reason why there is violent resistance between the two fundamentally different ideologies.

Yes, Sharia law Muslims can coexist in the United States but they would have to live in separate self sufficient communities like the Amish did historically since Sharia law is incompatible with the United States Constitution on many points, especially those dealing with women’s rights. The Constitution is a political ideology which conflicts with Sharia law ideology.

A financially and morally responsible family unit is essential to the long duration prosperity of a nation and world. Propagandizing unhealthy food, promiscuity, drug use, gambling, and a male versus female ideology is detrimental to any nation and the world. Symbiotic male female family relationships should be propagandized more than hedonistic individual lifestyles for there to be a cohesive culture, cohesive nation, and cohesive world.

Males in leadership positions and many technological professions have struggled hard and aggressively to be dominant in those fields and often have ignored family responsibilities because of a fanatical devotion to work.

I am sure that many females too can be just as aggressive and smart hard working and excel in traditional “male” professions but unfortunately the offspring will suffer if there are not competent nannies or tutors to monitor the progress and encourage the progress of the offspring.

Those who can successfully balance the stress of  super human work and family responsibilities at the same time are still few and far between and it is a sad fact of life that ambitious smart hard working parents will often ignore their offspring too much to the detriment of the next generation.

With a decline in universal moral principles to guide human behavior ugly ideology is rearing its head with social justice warriors labeling, attacking, and blacklisting conservatives with opposing ideological beliefs. The result of this “group think” or collectivist ideology is that individual rights are being trampled.

Individuals are being financially and socially destroyed in the name of ideological purity. If you are not a Democrat then you are a racist, misogynist, homophobe, Fascist, Nazi, or white suprematist who doesn’t deserve to be in  leadership positions in education, entertainment, business, and society in general.

The old establishment is trying to replace a historical moral consensus with a National ideology to try and counteract the rising tide of social immorality and it is failing miserably. Alternative media is on the rise trying to offer an alternative to the big money corrupted politicians, celebrities, corporations, and educational system.

A multicultural nation is not a recipe for a stable and prosperous nation. The constitution must encourage the assimilation of humans from different cultures into a national cohesion which promotes the free exchange of nonviolent ideas and lifestyles but does not permit the overt oppression of minorities and minority or individual rights.

What is desperately needed is a basic universal secular moral code to replace subjective political ideology, a redefinition of family values which promote peaceful and harmonious symbiotic relationships in marriage, and an educational system which promotes the secular moral code, family values, and a return to useful educational excellence. Useful education focuses on useful knowledge and rewarding humans who invest their time, effort, and ability no matter what their age.

In a fast changing tumultuous technological age, free interactive online internet useful education should be a basic right for all unemployed and also destitute citizens, no matter what their age. Yes, if you are unemployed and also destitute then you should also be provided with free healthy food, drink, clothing, delivered door to door, shelter, emergency medical care, but no motorized vehicle to roam the world with to spend time on trivial pursuits.

Most important of all is to indoctrinate impressionable young minds in elementary school with a secular moral code so that by the age of about 13 they should be able to make impulsive decisions without always having to stop and ask- Is what I am doing right or wrong?

This universal secular morality is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Elementary school should also be a time when the morality is presented with real life examples and polite public etiquette. Good relationships with others should also be emphasized with real life examples of integrity, honesty, kindness, encouragement, affection, empathy, sharing, cooperation, sacrifice, commitment, responsibility, fulfilling promises, dependability, smart hard work, competence, etc. Other values such as courage, ambition, compromise, negotiation, information research, selfeducation, etc. can also be taught but not in detail in elementary school.

Moral, financially responsible and usefully educated parents should be the long duration goal of every advanced society or nation. Moral education, financial education, and responsible relationship education is of vital importance and it should intensively begin in elementary school in the important formative years, especially for offspring of single parent and dysfunctional parent homes.

A private institution and/or a government department should fill in the details or real life examples of the secular moral code and offer it as a voluntary standard of moral educational excellence. I have done most of the groundwork for this vital enterprise and I am passing the baton on to the educational leadership of the nation and world.

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