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Historically a uniting morality and tradition kept society functioning at tolerable levels. Most felt that if you didn’t lie, didn’t steal, and worked hard and you were a male then you would be able to make enough money to afford a family lifestyle and have safe sex. The roles of males and females were relatively well defined and there was some certainty in knowing that if you made enough money then your offspring and household chores would be taken care of to a large extent.

Today male income is not sufficient to support a family in many instances unless you have a good paying career or profession, and even here there is no longer the certainty that you will have a job with the same company on into the indefinite future. Many households have working mothers and fathers whose income is not enough to support nannies or tutors for properly taking care of offspring and the result is many dysfunctional families and a high rate of divorce which is further caused by hedonistic or promiscuous social lifestyles which are tolerated and even promoted in society at large.

Many males fear commitment because they realize the great financial responsibility of a family and many can get sex without having to commit. Promiscuous lifestyles are an additional reason why adultery is rampant in marriage and the second most important reason for divorce.

The net result is that heterosexual traditions are being decimated since fewer and fewer offspring have had good heterosexual role models to imitate and the result is usually chaotic and unstable marital relationships if they are attempted. The tragic modern dilemma is -how do you indoctrinate good family values in humans who come from dysfunctional families to begin with. Book learning and marriage counseling is definitely not a viable solution for many failing marriages.

Not so obvious is the fundamental fact that integrity or honesty and morality, trustworthiness, dependability, commitment, good communication skills, and competence is essential to succeed in marriage and in society in general. Lie, commit adultery, promise and don’t follow through, argue too much, procrastinate and make excuses for your incompetence and you will not only fail in relationships but also fail in society. If you don’t lead a moral life not only will your family be ruined but society will not respect you and you will be ostracized from wholesome relationships. Lie or behave immorally and potentially trusting relationships break down and you will be leading a miserable lonely existence.

Wealth acquired morally is respected. Wealth acquired immorally may be respected as long as humans are deceived into thinking it was acquired morally but the respect turns to revulsion once the truth surfaces. The money corrupted political and establishment media including the entertainment media were deceptively misleading the gullible public with propaganda designed to keep the public ignorant of the fact that they were kept in contempt by the elite some of whom led immoral lives in private.

Fake polls, fake news, and fake public personas revealed the moral corruption of the elite leadership from which it is going to have a hard if not impossible task to recover from because they are no longer trusted by the general public. The establishment is no longer respected and admired by the public and I don’t see the situation improving until there is a new moral enlightenment in society which will address the problem from the ground up.

Lie too often and respect is no longer possible. Where will this moral leadership come from? Yes, it will have to come from the ground up but those in power will unfortunately have to impose the leadership from the top down and initiate it from the ground up. Is this even possible without a moral renaissance? Who will lead the charge? It will definitely have to be more than just one human.

Most important young impressionable minds must be indoctrinated with a secular moral code with worldwide applicability. It is- in nonemergency situations- don’t destroy biodiversity, don’t lie, don’t be inefficient, don’t steal, don’t commit adultery if married, and don’t murder.

Real life examples of the application of this moral code have to be given and I have outlined the details in my writing for the benefit of future generations. By the age of about 13 most humans should be able to impulsively know what is right or wrong or what is morally right or wrong. Fail at this most important indoctrination and trusting relationships between humans will cease to exist in great enough quantity to permit a relatively peaceful secure society to exist.

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