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RANDOM MEMORIZATION of information without making any logical connections:

Examples are memorizing random dates, times, scores, words, and numbers. One may feel that rote memorization of the words for animals and kitchen utensils is memorization without thinking but children do think and make logical connections between the words and relevant objects and/or subjects and/or actions. Memorization without thinking is only possible if you are memorizing random meaningless numbers and/or words.


MEMORIZATION is memorizing information and/or a word with one or more logical and/or illogical connections to reality.

You can say that memorizing 2+ 2 = 5, God is Love, Love is God, Liberals are Conservatives, and cats are omnipotent are all illogical statements but they can still be memorized. Fortunately most memorized words such as robin, home, quarterback, anger, jealousy, running, and volcano have some logical connections to reality. Sadly many fantasies, fictions, and lies can be memorized and believed and this memorization of “bullshit” is a very common cause of irrational or illogical thinking in humans.

Memorization of information can be almost anything but the primary forms of non verbal information are visual, audio, physical or muscle and touch, and other sensing information within the body.



This includes the memorization of visual, audio, physical, and other sensing cues which relate to internal body senses and the sensing of the external environment of objects, subjects, and actions.

Examples are memorizing that you will burn your hand if you place it on a burning stove too long, breaking bones and possibly killing yourself if you jump from a 20 meter roof onto a concrete driveway, a visual memorization of parts of a movie, a memorization of instrumental music, and making someone angry, aggressive, or shocked if you push them too hard for no reason at all and call them an asshole.


CLASSIFICATION: Memorizing the details of something or memorizing the subsets of a set:

Examples are memorizing the parts of the body, the parts of a gasoline engine, definitions of words, separating movies or songs into genres, and all the names of animals in a species.


ANALYSIS: Taking a set and finding as many subsets as you can even though some of the subsets may overlap themselves:

Examples are statistical analysis, numerical analysis, making an outline for an essay, analyzing musical and video transitions, analyzing the defensive strategy of an opposing football team, and finding and listing all the ingredient preparations and/or additions in a recipe.

SYNTHESIS: Taking subsets and trying to form sets with them:

Examples are taking Legos and making familiar object shapes from them, mixing two or more chemicals and making them react, taking all the parts of an engine and assembling them into a complete engine, selecting an offensive play to counteract defensive actions of an opposing team, and using paints to form a picture.


***Creative or innovative learning is just the process of subconsciously and consciously analyzing and synthesizing information or objects, subjects, and actions, sometimes in a very impulsive way, and making some cause effect experiments or assumptions, so creative learning is really not a unique form or type of learning.

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