Try to answer these questions as best you can and write them down if you won’t remember some of the answers. You may be surprised how much you will learn about yourself or become conscious of your needs and wants.

Do I know what to do to get to where I want to be or go?

Do I know how to gradually become who I want to be?

Can I list in order of importance the things which I care about the most?

Can I change what is holding me back right now?

Do I know what to do to improve myself and/or my circumstances?

What would I have to sacrifice to get to where I really want to be or go?

Do I feel stuck with something or is there a way out of it that I or someone can see?

Can you list things which you definitely don’t want?

Would it help if I learned something new and useful on almost a daily basis instead of just once a week or month?

What are some examples of good days and how could I increase their number or frequency?

Can I list some short and long duration goals which apply to me?

Do I know that my habits are often short duration goals which are being impulsively achieved on a regular or repetitive basis and often with little planning?

What short duration goals can I add which will help my long duration goals?

Can I list my good and bad habits?

What daily habits, especially bad ones, can I reduce or replace with better habits or goals?

Getting to work on time, preparing a meal, driving a car to a destination, studying for a test, asking a question on a search engine, reading an article, reading a short book, going out on a date with a significant other, etc. can be thought of as short duration habits or short duration goals being achieved.

Preparing for a better job, going to school, taking a course on the internet, learning to play an instrument, raising offspring, saving money to travel to an exotic place, saving money to invest in a business, writing a book, etc. can be thought of as long duration goals in the process of being achieved which require the achievement of short duration goals along the way.

Ultimately the key to a successful and happy life is to personally set realistic goals which match your ability and will hopefully reward your determined efforts. Set many small short term goals and achieve them to gain confidence. Set some large duration goals and work towards them on a regular basis with the hope of achieving them within a reasonable period of time.

Yes, some sacrifice of time, energy, and money will be necessary but actively pursuing short and long duration goals is what makes life worth living and is seldom a boring experience.

Research, read, write something down, think, and do is the road to achievement in a nutshell.

Fundamentally it is all a question of knowing how to improve yourself and your circumstances. The only real difference is in how FAST the improvement becomes or how ambitiously you pursue the improvement. Use search engines to help you answer questions if you don’t know where to start or read a good book on the subject which you are questioning. Best wishes. Uldis

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