The real major way to influence humans in a good way, be respected, and maybe even be admired is to have integrity or be honest and moral, be trustworthy, sincere, dependable, friendly, competent, empathetic, and a good conversationalist. If you have mutual interests and share them then you are well on your way to having a good impact or influence on others and you will probably benefit in major ways yourself.

That said, here are 6 helpful small tips which will increase your ability to influence others and perhaps be better liked.

Asking small favors if done right will make humans like you more if you have had little interaction with them to start with. Most humans like to help others and feel good about it after they have helped, especially if it costs them very little time, little effort, and almost no money in the process. Asking for a favor is especially effective if it is something which the human loves, likes, or enjoys such as a favorite food, drink, or book. If you generally agree or express a liking for something a human likes then they generally will like you more.

Start with- “Could you do me a small favor?” (and smile)

“I’ll pay for it but could you please bring me back a sample of your favorite donut, cookie, candy, sandwich, taco, soft drink, beer, wine, etc.?”

“Could I please borrow the book that you read and enjoyed?”

“Could I please borrow the book after you are finished with it?”

“Could I please borrow for a day your rake, shovel, blower, power tool, blender, etc.”

“Please lend me your _ for a minute, hour, or day.”

“May I use your telephone for an important call?”

“Would you mind closing the window?”

Could you help me with my homework?

“Could you take a look at this email and recommend an answer?”


If you want humans to think highly of you then remembering and using their NAME is one of the most important things in relationships, especially if you will not see the human for a long time but will run into them again in a casual way.


Flattery can be used sparingly and in its best form it is sincere praise. “Great job, that was masterful, loved what you did, gorgeous outfit, inspiring performance, couldn’t have done it better, wow, impressive, you are special, etc.” Be careful because if you flatter someone who doesn’t deserve it then it can backfire as insincere phony exaggeration.


Unless you’re a boss telling someone that they are wrong or correcting their mistakes, correcting puts humans in defensive mode trying to protect their ego and they will not be very receptive to any requests which you may decide to make or follow up with.


One of the best ways to bond or show empathy for a human is to repeat something which they have said and that makes humans aware that you are listening to them or are interested in what they are saying. They will be more comfortable and friendly with you since you seem to care about them by this repetition or reflective listening.


Nodding at someone during a conversation seems to imply that you are agreeing with them and they are more likely to do you a favor when you ask for it or in effect they are nodding back and agreeing with you.


While these 6 tips are not that important in old close friendships they are sometimes useful in casual acquaintances or friendships.

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