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Unconscious: adj. sensing and/or thinking when asleep but does not include impulsive brain activity which is remembered dreaming

Conscious: adj. existing and sensing and/or thinking and dreaming a subset(s) which you then remember when you wake up

Subconscious: adj. impulsive brain activity while awake and/or asleep which while awake influences our behavior to a large degree, especially good and/or bad habits, and is an impulsive reaction to stimuli in the environment and brain and whose origin is all processed and stored prior experiences and/or information

Impulsive: adj. doing a subset(s) almost instantly without conscientious forethought

Think: v. to silently and mentally verbalize and try to make correspondences between the subsets of one’s own knowledge and/or experiences and using as much logic as possible


As long as the brain is alive it is conscious but the possessor of the brain has very small if any intentional control over what is referred to as unconscious actions and/or impulses originating in the brain when the brain is asleep.

Contrary to popular belief most of our daily wakeful actions are the result of the subconscious or impulsive brain actions simultaneously interacting with some degree of forethought. Very few behaviors have a purely impulsive origin without any degree of conscious thinking and similarly no thinking proceeds without a component of impulsive brain activity which comes from the subconscious.

For all practical purposes being conscious means being awake and having a normally functioning brain. Yes, you can also say that you were conscious during sleep if you remember a dream when you wake up.

If you are unconscious then you are asleep and don’t remember any dreams when you wake up.

Your subconscious brain is primarily responsible for your impulsive behaviors such as good and bad habits but it also helps you to think based on your prior experiences in life with humans and/or things. Your subconsciousness is a huge subset or part of your conscious brain and it really would be more accurate to say that you are more subconscious rather than conscious during your waking hours.

Your emotions play a large role and determine to a large extent what your impulsive reactions will be in many normal day to day experiences. When you are thinking much with minimal emotional input your subconscious is still at work and still guiding your thinking processes to some extent.

How the subconscious and the conscious interact while awake or how the impulsive brain interacts with the non impulsive thinking brain if there is such a thing is a big mystery. Maybe we are impulsive all the time and thinking is just being minimally impulsive. So brain activity is just degrees of impulsivity.

Conscientious forethought may just be minimal impulsivity guiding behavior.

Conscientious:  adj. adequate caring and devoted effort to do right and/or wrong

Will science ever bring clarification or proof of the unconscious, conscious, subconscious, and thinking concepts? It is uncertain and only time will tell if the concepts remain intuitive philosophical ideas or if there is a one to one correspondence with brain impulses and/or activity and the 4 concepts.

I personally believe that the brain is always sensing and thinking but when we are unconscious we just can’t willingly remember any sensing and thinking that went on.

I don’t like my definition of conscious which is another word for being awake because we can still be awake in our dreams which we remember when we wake up. It seems like a paradox that you can be asleep and still be awake or conscious if it is a dream that you remember. To date I have not found existing adequate words to define my concept of consciousness accurately.

If you have read this far and understood most of what I wrote then you are probably a borderline genius because it almost took me a lifetime to get to this point of understanding.

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