Realistic and unrealistic steps to minimize gun violence!

Prioritized in terms of minimal cost with maximum effect:

  1. Concealed carry adults or teachers in gun free zones such as schools and houses of worship.

2. Single or minimal entry fenced in areas checked by armed security forces for gun free zones.

3. Nationwide criminal checks for gun purchases and severe penalties for felons carrying weapons.

4.Teach a secular moral code to all young impressionable minds in elementary school which includes don’t murder.

5. Don’t advertise mass shootings in the media since this is just a propaganda tool or incentive for an ego trip for the next copy cat mass shooter.


Overly costly bureaucratic approaches with no realistic results:

  1. Exclude mentally ill patients from purchasing guns.

About 25% of the American population can be considered mentally ill or on psychotropic medication so classifying someone mentally ill and prone to using guns is just realistically not even possible.

  1. Monitor deviant humans posting violent intentions on social media and have police follow up with costly investigations and blacklisting them from gun purchases nationally.

Who is intelligent or qualified enough to determine what is freedom of speech and actual premeditated desire to use weapons? No one is qualified to make this largely subjective evaluation beyond a reasonable doubt which is attempted in court but not in society at large. Try all these gun talking idiots in court? Ridiculous!

Classifying those mentally ill and prone to violence is impossible but even more impossible is classifying and convicting deviant humans posting violent intentions on social media.

  1. Ban all guns for law abiding citizens.

Only criminals would have guns and farmers, ranchers, and urban dwellers would be defenseless against criminals since even in urban areas it takes about 15 minutes for police to respond to a 911 call which is enough time for most criminals to escape.

Finally as a general principle- Humans kill humans and guns don’t kill humans just like humans kill humans and cars rarely kill humans even though over 30 thousand humans die yearly in car accidents. Ban all cars and trucks? Not a realistic solution although self driving cars may someday reduce the highway carnage.

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