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What are my short term goals or wants?

What are some of my possible long term goals or wants?

Do I have the RESOURCES such as




useful knowledge,

and money to reach my goals?


Do I have the basic ABILITY which means

adequate memory,

good coordination,

good health,

and possibly physical strength?


Do I have adequate SKILLS such as


self motivation,

emotional intelligence or communication skills,

math and/or language skills,

physical and/or mental skills?


Do I have useful knowledge such as an adequate education or selfeducation in the field of interest?

Will I need money to get the resources that I want?

Have I saved up enough money to pay for new learning of useful skills and/or useful knowledge?

About how long will it take to get the resources which I will need?

When I have the resources about how long will it take to reach my goals?

Do I have any bad habits which will keep me from reaching my goals fast enough?

Do I understand that




and selfmotivation will have to come from within myself?

Do I understand the difference between DOING appropriate things to achieve a goal OR planning and dreaming about achieving a goal and never doing anything about it?

Do I know that DOING something is better than not doing anything at all?


Do I know that a mind and body in motion will achieve more goals than a mind and body at rest?

Do I know that SCHEDULING my time or life and BUDGETING my money will greatly speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that an organized life will speed up goal achievement?

Do I know that it is never too late in life to start organizing your life a little more and start improving?

Make a plan for improving and write it down. Then take action and follow through on it!

If plan A does not seem to be working for you then make a plan B. Remember as you get better at planning your improvement steps you may even go to plan C, D, etc. The more you achieve your short term goals the more confidence you will get and you will get courage to proceed to your long term goals. Best wishes!

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