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Richard J. Haier has written a great book on the neuroscience of intelligence which irrefutably proposes that intelligence IQ is largely inherited and it may be possible in the future to change genes so that our offspring will be more intelligent. However, there is not conclusively just one gene which is a marker for intelligence but rather a complex arrangement of many genes and how important each one is in determining IQ is still an open question.


What is a fact is that nurture or information input will not fundamentally increase your IQ or the g factor or general intelligence factor which remains relatively constant throughout your lifetime. Yes, life or genetics is not fair and some have just been gifted with greater intelligence potential than others. Sure you can have a high IQ and not put it to good use but without a high IQ you will be struggling to keep up with those that do have high IQ’s and are working hard to put their potential to good use.


IQ is fundamentally a function of how good a memory you have and how efficient your mind is at processing information which you get through the senses. Even intelligence is not uniform in it’s power and there are those who are mathematically more intelligent than verbally and others who are more verbally intelligent than mathematically. That said it is time to change our educational system so that it is more responsive to the needs of high IQ individuals and those who are handicapped with relatively low IQs below about 85.


In a technological age it is increasingly important to get the most out of mathematically gifted individuals who can enter science, computer science, engineering, and other technological fields which are in great demand. Frankly liberal arts are no longer that important for society as they once were thought to be and most of it is frankly an excursion into subjective or biased verbosity which bores the average human and has little relevance to their daily lives and struggles.


The average human with an average IQ is fast becoming somewhat useless for society in general and it is a sad fact that a ruling technological elite will be making most of the political decisions in the future and modern society will become highly robotized. A depressed feeling of uselessness will be rampant in society and the welfare system will have to be designed to accommodate all the individuals who will fall through the cracks and not feel that they are contributing members of society.


Can a society where most of the citizens are parasites on the society survive in the long duration is a question open to debate. Already there are signs that such a society will be implemented with the idea of a guaranteed national income for everyone. It is probable that most of us will become consumers and not producers and what this will do to the fabric of responsible family units is nothing short of catastrophic. What will be the incentive to study hard and to work hard if you can take it easy, rely on the government for support, and live out your life in a hedonistic pursuit of personal pleasure?


That said I have offered solutions to this unsettling dilemma in my writings so I hope that some intelligent humans will take time out to read, reflect, and start doing something significant to make a Domesday scenario less likely.

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