It is a sad fact that college educated students are working in fast food outlets as their first and perhaps last job. The reason is lack of a useful education. The solution is obvious that they need to learn more useful skills in science, math, technology, and computer science to be gainfully employed in the robotized workplace and beyond.

So, graduates in science subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, and math will be guaranteed a slightly higher basic income even though they are out of work for the time being. The incentivized welfare state will be based on useful educational achievement level which one can get by free audio visual computer internet useful education.

This way there will be an incentive to increase your educational level while on welfare through personally invested time, effort, and achievement.

Problem solved! This is an incentivized welfare system proportional to your useful knowledge achievement. Yes, there may be PHD’s on welfare with perhaps three times the guaranteed annual basic income and unemployed by smart computer software. Their standard of living on welfare will be higher than those without the education achievement or let’s say just high school graduates with the lowest basic guaranteed annual income.

No matter what your age on welfare, you will be able to increase your welfare benefits with further useful education!

Professions with good language skills may also be included such as psychology and business management skills but definitely not philosophy, languages, sociology, music, arts, acting, etc. or basically liberal arts skills. These relatively useless subjective professions may be learned in private institutions of learning but the basic national income for these skills should be the lowest minimum basic guaranteed income.

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