About 40 years ago in a Bill Buckley interview with Thomas Sowell, Sowell revealed the truth about ethnic and gender discrimination and it shows the misguided viewpoints of the politically correct in the present political environment.

Then as now the success of a student is a function of the quality of the education, the morality and educational level of the parents, and the quality of the role models surrounding the student.

Career success and a good paying job, whether male or female, are a function of the job type, the number of years working at the job, and whether the single man or woman has been previously married and divorced or never married.

Further success in leadership roles depend on the sacrifice of family relationships with spouse and offspring or the degree of dedication to the job which is also a function of aggressiveness. Money also plays a key role in career success and is something which no educational system other than a quality online interactive audio visual experience can equalize so that equality of opportunity exists.

Career success is inherently a function of individual ability but it is a sad truth that the standard of living of the school community also plays a major role in determining who will succeed with greater odds of success out of an educational community.

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